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Fossa FO 0015 / 0035 A

  • Reliable
    single-sided scroll design, dry compression, gas-tight, robust construction, high vapor handling capability
  • High Performance
    intelligent variable speed drive available for adjustment to changing demand and stable worldwide performance
  • Quiet
    low sound and vibration levels, can be installed at workstations
  • Easy Servicing
    minimal maintenance, lifetime-lubricated bearings

Fossa scroll vacuum pumps have been designed according to the latest single-sided scroll technology, combining dry compression with a fully hermetic construction. By adding the exceptionally low sound and vibration levels, these vacuum pumps are everything that is expected from modern medium vacuum generation systems for today’s analytical and scientific applications, where they have proven themselves for years.

The extremely low sound and vibration levels make them suitable for direct installation at the workplace, for example in research laboratories.

The design of the Busch scroll vacuum pump provides completely dry and reliable compression. A metal bellows and static seals ensure tightness between the pumped medium and the ambient air, thus avoiding contamination or leakage of the process gases. This hermetic design makes Fossa scroll vacuum pumps ideally suited for gas recovery or noble gas pumping systems.

They are the perfect solution for helium leak detectors, coating systems or backing of turbomolecular pumps. Being fitted with a gas-ballast valve, these vacuum pumps deliver unique vapor handling capabilities – the basic condition for drying processes.

Long service intervals and significant energy savings can be achieved through intelligent management of three frequency converter modes: “normal”, “boost” for an unrivalled pumping speed, and “idle” for unbeatable low sound and vibration levels.

Having no shaft seals and coming with lifetime- lubricated bearings as standard, Fossa vacuum pumps require very little maintenance. Servicing tasks are limited to changing the scroll tip seals which can easily be done on-site by the user and without the need for special tools.

Fossa – hermetically sealed. Quiet and low vibration levels.

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  • Gas recovery and recirculation
  • Analytical instruments
  • Helium leak detectors
  • Beam lines and high energy physics
  • Coating
  • Drying
  • Vacuum furnaces
  • Glove boxes
  • Load lock and transfer chambers
  • Backing of turbomolecular vacuum pumps

Fossa FO 0015/0035 A
Fossa FO 0015/0035 A
Pumping speed

Air at 70 ºF. Tolerance: ± 10%

60 Hz
Pumping speed
Technical data Fossa FO 0015 A Fossa FO 0035 A
Pumping speed m³/h 60 Hz 18 42
Ultimate pressure hPa (mbar) 60 Hz 0.025 - 0.09 0.01 - 0.09


Fossa FO 0015 / 0035 A

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