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Phenix SR 0400 C

  • High Performance:
    high pumping speed independent of fill level
  • Easy Operation:
    constant monitoring of fill level due to transparent cover, clip fasteners for easy emptying
  • Compact:
    removable, integrated film container
  • Flexible:
    application-oriented, castor wheels and flexible hose line connections for mobile use
  • Nearly Maintenance-Free:
    dry and contact-free compression, lifetime-lubricated bearings

The Phenix SR 0400 C dry waste collection system has been specially designed for the removal of residual film produced during the packaging process.

It consists of a removable perforated sheet metal film container that holds the aspirated paper and film scraps, combined with a multi-stage radial blower in a robust and rugged construction. Independent of the fill level, the pumping speed stays constantly high.

Motor and blower form a very compact unit. Coming with castor wheels as standard, the Phenix SR 0400 C is perfectly suited for mobile use directly where residual film or similar scrap materials have to be collected. It can be connected to packaging machines by flexible hose lines.

The contact-free operating principle of impulse technology without any operating fluids or touching parts together with lifetime-lubricated bearings and an effective air cooling ensures that the Phenix SR 0400 C is nearly maintenance-free, performing reliably with an exceptional high uptime.

A transparent and impact resistant plastic cover allows to easily monitor the fill level of the film container at all times, even during operation. Due to special clip fasteners, the emptying of the film container can be performed quickly and easily.

Phenix – high performance for residual film removal.

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Technical specifications
The Phenix SR 0400 C dry waste collection system works according to the impulse principle. This means that kinetic energy from a rotating impeller, which is mounted directly on the shaft of the motor, is transferred to the pumping medium and converted into pressure. The pumped medium is sucked in, compressed in the side channel and then discharged after one rotation.

Accessories / Technical options

  • Polyester filter bag (0947 000 630)

Phenix SR 0400 C
Phenix SR 0400 C
Pumping speed

Air at 20 °C. Tolerance: ± 10%

Pumping speed

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