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Busch Genuine Standing Filter STF 0100 – 1000

  • Protected:
    Standing Filters are placed upstream of the vacuum pump and protect it from damage caused by process contaminants such as liquids or solids.
  • Application-Oriented:
    Different sizes, materials and filter inserts allow perfect adaption to each process.
  • Compact:
    The Standing Filter is connected to the vacuum pump via a hose or pipe. The vertical design allows a space-saving installation.
  • Easy Servicing:
    The removable lid makes it easy to remove the filter inserts for leaning. In addition, the lower part of the Standing Filter is easily accessible for cleaning purposes via the large side opening.

Busch Standing Filter – Higher Availability and Effective Protection

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Operating principle
Original Busch Standing Filters STF combine different separation mechanisms in a multistage process. The Standing Filter housing is designed as a cyclone in the area of the gas inlet (1). The tangential gas inlet and deflection cone allow the gas or vapour to flow along the inside of the vessel. Coarse particles and liquids are separated at this stage. After passing through the filter insert, the cleaned gas or steam leaves the Standing Filter through the gas outlet (2). A large opening (3) ensures easy access to the filter insert. The collected condensate can be drained off via the condensate drain (4). The condensate collection chamber can be cleaned via the cleaning opening (5). Other application-oriented versions, e.g. with an automatic condensate drain or in stainless steel, are also available.

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