Solutions for Plastics Processing and Treatment Presented at NPE 2018

Virginia Beach, USA Our presence at the recent NPE plastics trade show in Orlando, Florida, generated a great deal of interest amongst visitors. NPE trade show visitors from the plastics industry used this opportunity to discuss highly energy-efficient and economical vacuum solutions with vacuum experts from Busch.
Source: Busch USA
Source: Busch USA

Visitors came from all over North America and were particularly impressed by our Mink claw vacuum pumps, which operate extremely efficiently and can reduce overall operating costs by up to 60% in comparison to conventional vacuum generators. The contact-free compression principle ensures nearly maintenance-free operation. Mink claw vacuum pumps also feature high energy efficiency in all applications in plastics processing and treatment, which can be even further enhanced using a variable speed drive.

Visitors were especially interested in the extruder degassing and thermoforming applications, where Busch has different vacuum technologies to meet customers' needs. Product quality can be improved significantly by efficient degassing of the molten material by using the right vacuum solution. Busch also offers reliable vacuum pumps and systems for all types and sizes of thermoforming machines and materials. These high-performance products are available in a range of operating principles and sizes, delivering rapid evacuation times and short process cycles.

Furthermore, visitors had the opportunity to learn more about the proven Dolphin liquid ring vacuum pumps from Busch, which can be used in critical applications in plastics processing and treatment such as the discharge of humid gases or vapors. Vistors to the trade show booth at NPE had the opportunity to learn more about COBRA dry screw vacuum pump technology of Busch. These vacuum pumps are highly efficient and ideally suited to industrial applications that require reliable and contaminant-free extraction of gases and vapors.

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