Reliable Vacuum Solutions for composites and advanced materials industry

We will present our enhanced vacuum solutions for applications involved in the processing of composites materials at the CAMX trade show from October 15th – 18th in Dallas, Texas. At this year’s composites and advanced materials expo, we will be showcasing our latest vacuum technology for the operation in a wide range of markets, including aerospace, automotive, wind energy and chemical applications.
One of the new essential vacuum pumps for many industrial sectors: the new Mink MV 0060 C claw vacuum pump

Vacuum is an important component in a diverse range of processes with composites and advanced materials and the markets this industry serves. These processes such as thermoforming, pick and place, vacuum infusion, resin injection and distillation require tailored and reliable vacuum technology. We are able to provide the matching vacuum solutions to its customers and can also provide sound advice and practical support to customers all over the world.  

We can supply different vacuum generators for applications involved in the processing of composites materials. R 5 rotary vane vacuum pumps are characterized by their robustness and operational reliability. The guaranteed constantly high vacuum level of the rotary vane vacuum technology enables a rapid penetration of the resin into the mould or into the fibre fabrics. The removal of the air additionally results in penetration of the resin into all parts of the mould and air pockets are no longer possible. Gases which are formed in the resin are also removed and the results are high-value, pore-free and quality finished products. This makes the R 5 rotary vane vacuum pump the ideal vacuum generator for processing of composites materials. They can not only be installed as a single vacuum pump but also in various vacuum systems that are individually adapted to the customers' needs and requirements. At the CAMX we will be showing a R 5 rotary vane vacuum pump.

With the Mink MV 0060 C we will also be showcasing our latest claw vacuum technology. The optimized sound insulation of the Mink MV is manufactured according to the latest developments in acoustic design. The low sound levels generated allow operation in the immediate vicinity of workstations. The sophisticated design of Busch claw vacuum technology allows Mink MV vacuum pumps to operate at exceptionally high efficiency levels, which has a positive effect on the pumping speed and energy consumption. The compact dimensions of Mink MV vacuum pumps permit their installation in the smallest of floor areas. This pump is fitted with a frequency converter and synchronous drive. The control settings of the Mink MV 0060 C can be adjusted to match the process of composites materials exactly. A manual control unit, a parameter configuration kit or a fieldbus module may be used for this purpose.

Visit us at CAMX in Dallas in hall E at booth no. M46.

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