ILTA 2018 - Busch Presented COBRA NC 1500 B VR Dry Screw Vacuum Pump

Busch recently introduced the COBRA NC 1500 B VR at the ILTA trade show, held in June 2018 in Houston (TX). The is the latest in the series of high-performance dry screw vacuum pumps for use in vapor recovery. Safety and reliability are the most important features of these vacuum pumps. Their robust design ensures a long life-cycle with minimal maintenance requirements

COBRA VR dry screw vacuum pumps feature dry compression, a specially developed screw profile and unimpeded gas discharge. The result is a high degree of vapor and condensate tolerance. Their design ensures an even heat distribution over the whole vacuum pump stage, reducing thermal stress and increasing service life.

Release of the COBRA NC 1500 B VR brings the COBRA VR series to a total of four sizes, and replaces the soon to be discontinued COBRA AC 1000.

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