Busch successful at the International Woodworking Fair IWF

Virginia Beach, USA Our trade show appearance generated a great deal of interest amongst the visitors of the international woodworking fair IWF recently held in Atlanta. The specialist audience from the entire woodworking industry used the opportunity to discuss highly energy-efficient and economical vacuum solutions with our vacuum experts.
The newest vacuum solutions for the woodworking industry generated significant interest at Busch's trade show booth at IWF in Atlanta

Visitors came from all over North America, and from furniture manufacturing, architectural woodwork, custom and general woodworking industries. Visitors at our booth were particularly impressed by the Mink MV claw vacuum pumps, which operate extremely efficiently, and can reduce overall operating costs by up to 60% in comparison to conventional vacuum generators. The contact-free compression principle ensures nearly maintenance-free operation. Another characteristic for the Mink claw vacuum pumps by Busch is the low sound level due to a state-of-the art acoustic design. For smaller woodworking factories with only a few CNC machining centers the noise level is a significant factor. Mink claw vacuum pumps also feature high energy efficiency in all applications in woodworking, which can be even further enhanced using of a variable speed drive.

Visitors where especially interested in the centralization of vacuum systems when it comes to larger woodworking facilities with a high amount of CNC units in operation. Such a central vacuum supply can not only reduce energy and maintenance costs but also helps to make processes more efficient. A central vacuum system can activate individual vacuum pumps as required to meet the demand. The installation of a central vacuum system outside the production areas alone can considerably reduce the energy consumed by air conditioning. It also leads to better working conditions by the absence of noise and heat emissions in the production area. Furthermore, servicing tasks can be performed during operation without the need for maintenance staff to enter the production areas.

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