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Dolphin LB 0710 / 1011 A

Dolphin LB is a series of sophisticated, two-stage liquid ring vacuum pumps in base plate version. The proven compression principle allows them to be used in all industrial sectors. Even critical applications such as evacuating saturated gases and vapours are possible without problems.

Application oriented
Dolphin vacuum pumps are designed for continuous operation. The various designs and accessories allow the pumps to be easily adaptable for any process.

due to robust design and application-oriented materials of construction.

Well proven
In the base plate version the modular design allows various assemblies to suit many applications.


  • Chemical industry
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Oil and gas
  • Plastics industry
  • Beverage industry
  • Environmental technology
  • Paper industry
  • Medical technology
  • Food technology
  • Brick making
  • Drying/impregnation
  • Absorption/degassing
  • Metallurgy

Dolphin – robust and compact. Ideal for difficult applications.

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Technical specifications
Liquid ring vacuum pumps normally operate with water as the operating medium. An eccentrically installed impeller rotates in the casing partly filled with liquid. By the rotational movement of the impeller  and the resulting centrifugal force the liquid within the cylinder forms the so-called liquid ring. Gas is conveyed in the spaces between the single vanes and the liquid ring. Due to the eccentric installation of the impeller the spaces enlarge and the process gas is sucked in through the suction slot. As the impeller further rotates, the spaces are reduced, so that the gas is compressed and discharged in the second stage, where a second compression process occurs. The vacuum pump can be operated with water recirculation, open or closed loop circuit.

Once through system
The service liquid is constantly fed through the pump and is discharged together with the gas.

Partial recovery system
Within this system the service liquid is discharged to a vessel which allows separation of the gas and liquid. The recirculated liquid is drawn back into the pump as service liquid along with fresh liquid to replace the amount discharged to waste via the vessel overflow.

Total recovery system
In a total recovery system the service liquid and gas are separated in a vessel, a heat exchanger is added to remove the heat of compression prior to re-use of the service liquid, which is fed back to the pump.

Accessories/ technical options

  • Liquid separators
  • Anti-cavitation protection
  • Heat exchanger
  • Gas ejector
  • Non-return valves
  • Drain valves
  • Vacuum relief valves

Dolphin LB 0710/1011 A
Dolphin LB 0710/1011 A
Pumping speed

Air at 20 °C. Tolerance: ± 10%


50 Hz 60 Hz
Pumping speed
Technical data Dolphin LB 0710 A Dolphin LB 1011 A
Nominal pumping speed m3/h 5100 - 7500 7400 - 10400
Ultimate pressure hPa (mbar) 33 33
Nominal motor rating kW 160 - 315 200 - 355
Nominal motor speed min-1 410 - 590 335 - 485
Noise level (ISO 2151) dB(A) 87 87
Weight approx. kg 3800 5900
Dimensions (L x W x H) 2295 x 1121 x 1643 2720 x 1340 x 1915
Gas inlet / outlet DN 200 KF / DN 200 KF DN 250 KF / DN 250 KF


Dolphin LB 0710 / 1011 A

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