Increasing Service Life for Seco Rotary Vane Vacuum Pumps and Compressors

Maulburg, Germany The service life for dry-running rotary vane vacuum pumps and compressors from Busch has been drastically increased. The proven oil-free Seco vacuum pumps and compressors are now equipped with new high performance vanes as standard. Newly developed, self-lubricating Aerodur 274 Zirkon material makes it possible to offer a service life that is at least three times as long as that of conventional materials. Furthermore, resistance to moisture is increased so that even damp gasses and vapours can be extracted or compressed. Busch offers dry-running rotary vane vacuum pumps with pumping speeds of 10 to 40 cubic metres per hour (50 Hz operation), with the longest service intervals on the market.
Seco SV 1025 C rotary vane vacuum pump from Busch: a new vane material drastically increases the service interval

Busch vacuum pumps and compressors in the various Seco series are tried and tested in many handling or pick and place applications. They are used during packaging processes in carton erectors, on tubular bag packaging machines, or with filling machinery. Additional application areas are in medical technology and electrical engineering, as well as the food industry. The Seco DC series, which simultaneously generates a vacuum of -0.6 bar and overpressure of +0.6 bar, was specifically designed for the transportation and supply of paper sheets or foils to printing or print processing machines. Seco DC models are available in two sizes with pumping speed or volume flows of 25 and 40 cubic metres at 50 Hz operation.

The Seco SV series includes vacuum pumps in sizes with 10, 16, 25 and 40 cubic metre pumping speeds per hour (50 Hz operation), with ultimate pressures from 120 to 150 mbar. The Seco SD series is a series of pure compressors coming in the same sizes as the Seco SV, and generates overpressure of 0.6 bar.

Busch offers an exchange set for the Seco SV, Seco SD and Seco DC series so that conventional vanes can be exchanged for the new high performance Aerodur 274 Zirkon vanes. Vacuum pump or compressor operators can quickly and easily exchange the vanes themselves.

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