Job Application Tips

May we offer some practical tips for your application?

Above all, try to view your application from the standpoint of the person reading it. He or she would like to gather a detailed picture of your career development and objectives without an extensive search of documents and cross-references.

It‘s best if you apply by email. Printed applications look good, but create more work for both applicant and recipient. They also use more resources.

To allow your application to be read and printed out easily, merge your documents into a single pdf file and include this file with your application as an attachment. Please arrange the documents in the following logical/chronological order:

  • covering letter
  • CV / resumé
  • school leaving certificate (with grades)
  • further education degree/diploma (with grades)
  • references from previous employers
  •  if applicable, other documentation such as career qualifications

Your covering letter should make clear why you wish to apply for a position at Busch, and what your career objectives are. Especially in the case of experienced professionals, it is important to know the reasons for a change of job. At this point it would be helpful to specify your expected salary and earliest possible start date.

We recommend that you list the details in your CV in chronological order and without gaps, which will make it easier for the person processing your application to follow your career development. Mention your average grades in school and further education in your CV: we would like to know not only what you have achieved, but how –  and how well – you have reached your objectives.

If your application is well presented but you don't receive an interview invitation, this is probably because another candidate was better suited to the position. The candidate profile must match the job exactly, like a key to a lock. Even the best keys can't open all doors!

We naturally hope that your application meets our requirements, and wish you every success. The email address for your applications is