Pneumatic Suction Conveying of Food

Pneumatic suction conveying offers an efficient and contaminant-free way of transporting foodstuffs in free-flowing granular or powder form. The products are fluidized by the air flow generated by the vacuum pump, and move freely along pipelines to their destination.

Vacuum conveyors have many applications in the coffee processing industry: coffee beans delivered by road are extracted into silos by vacuum conveyors, and subsequent transfers to the roasting unit, the grinding equipment and the packaging plant use the same method.

Vacuum conveyors are particularly suited to coffee processing, as no deposits are left in the pipes – the same system can be used for different varieties and blends of coffee. The low air pressure in the conveyor reduces the contact made by ground coffee to atmospheric oxygen, thus preserving the product aroma. If required the transport medium can be an inert gas such as CO2, further conserving product quality and freshness.

Recommended models: Mink claw and R 5 rotary vane vacuum pumps, Samos side channel and Tyr rotary lobe blowers.

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