Vacuum Solutions for Semiconductor Processing

We at Busch offer one of the most comprehensive product portfolios of vacuum pumps and systems for process applications within the field of semiconductor manufacturing.

Drawing on their many years of experience, our specialists are ready to advise you on all areas of vacuum solutions within the fab ranging from load-lock applications to the harshest of process applications, as well as centralized fab vacuum systems. With our comprehensive dry vacuum pump portfolio, you will always find the most technically suitable and cost-effective vacuum pump suited to your needs.

We are always focused on providing optimized product solutions that offer reduced cost of ownership and increased reliability for applications such as:

  • Load Lock / Transfer Chambers
  • Pre-cleaning
  • PVD / Sputtering
  • Ion Implant
  • Etching
  • Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD / LPCVD / PECVD)
  • EPI
  • ALD


COBRA Dry Screw Vacuum Pumps

Our COBRA BA, BC and DS dry screw vacuum pump series types meet the specific needs of semiconductor applications.  The COBRA BA series type is an air cooled, screw vacuum pump for light and medium duty applications. The COBRA BC series is a highly efficient and compact solution for light and medium duty applications. The COBRA DS series is ideally suited for harshest applications within the fab.

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COBRA BC Dry Screw Vacuum Pumps – Premium Efficiency 

The COBRA BC Premium Efficiency series is specially designed to set new standards in energy efficiency. It is equipped with the latest Busch VacBoost technology that meets today's demand for maximum energy savings and environmental sustainability. An intelligent stand-by mode, along with a wide range of flexible idle modes, offers additional energy savings potential.

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Fossa Scroll Vacuum Pumps 

Fossa scroll vacuum pumps are ideally suited for generating medium vacuum in load-lock or transfer chambers, helium leak detectors, mass spectrometers, electron microscopes and other analytical devices. They are also used in processes for the handling of gases that require the highest level of purity within the gas recovery process.

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With 12 major semiconductor vacuum service centers worldwide and numerous on-site service teams, we offer our customers seamless, fast and reliable support – whether it be vacuum pump and abatement system troubleshooting, maintenance, remanufacturing or replacement both at the service center itself or on-site at customer locations. Our offerings include remanufacture of other manufacturers' vacuum products, including dry vacuum pumps, rotary vane vacuum pumps, turbo molecular vacuum pumps and cryogenic vacuum pumps.

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Want to know more?
Contact us directly (Busch Singapore):
+65 (0)64 88 08 66 Get in contact