Busch India Presents Packaging Industry Solutions at PackPlus 2016

Busch India recently presented the range of vacuum solutions for the packaging market at PackPlus, held in late July in New Delhi. A particular focus at this year’s PackPlus was on pneumatic conveying, food packaging and vacuum pumps for used printing machines.

PackPlus is a leading national trade show for packaging machines and related aspects of packaging.

Products for the packaging sector exhibited at the trade show included the R 5 100 rotary vane vacuum pump, the Mink MM 1322 AV claw vacuum pump, and the Seco SV 1040 C dry-running rotary vane vacuum pump.

R 5 100 rotary vane vacuum pumps are valued for their robustness and operational reliability. Every day over 2.5 million R 5 vacuum pumps worldwide provide dependable service under the harshest industrial conditions, and are the industry standard especially in machines for food packaging, such as vacuum packaging and MAP.

The Mink MM 1322 AV claw vacuum pumps and Seco SV 1040 C dry-running rotary vane vacuum pumps are both especially suitable for dry products packaging and pneumatic conveying.

Busch India used the occasion of PackPlus 2016 to familiarize customers with the efficiencies that can be achieved by having a knowledgeable and skilled partner on hand who understands application requirements, operating conditions and how to maximize the effectiveness of vacuum and overpressure generation.

Consulting provided by Busch India covers individual vacuum pumps and complete systems. A qualified Busch vacuum specialist will visit the customer on-site and evaluate all relevant process parameters for the vacuum system. Based on the collected data, the specialist will offer suggestions for system optimization. In terms of individual vacuum pumps, a Busch service technician will analyze the vacuum pump, compressor or blower in question, taking into account the operating principle and design. This, for instance, would include control of the volume flow, running characteristics, state of lubricants, leak-tightness of connections, the state of wear parts and the functionality of used pre-filters and after-filters.

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