Busch India Celebrates 10 Years of Quality and Excellence

The year 2017 has been a special one for Busch India. We’re celebrating our 10th anniversary of bringing quality and excellence to our customers in the Indian market. This milestone was celebrated on 6 November, when numerous customers from northern India visited our Busch India headquarters. Mr Kaya Busch was personally present in India for the occasion.

"It's been an incredible 10 years", said Ajit Singh, Managing Director of Busch India. "Over the past decade we have developed and evolved into India's leading provider of vacuum and overpressure solutions – backed up by expert consultation and after-sales service. Our success is in no small part due to the commitment and expertise of our employees in meeting our customers' demands and requirements."

The 10th anniversary celebrations provided a perfect opportunity for a number of customers from northern India to learn more about our solutions and competencies.

Busch takes a comprehensive approach towards production efficiency in customers' applications – beginning with initial design and workmanship, running through to the interaction of process components, and support through comprehensive after-sales service. Furthermore, our systemscapacity in India has grown significantly over the decade, backed by the quality and excellence of German and Swiss engineering.

"The anniversary of 10 years Busch India is no better time to show our continuing commitment towards providing the best possible service to our customers – a commitment underscored by the expansion of our site at Gurgaon", said Mr Kaya Busch, who travelled to India to participate in the ground-breaking ceremony. "It was a pleasure to celebrate this milestone together with colleagues and customers, and to have this opportunity to meet a number of our customers in person."

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