Busch at SEMICON SE Asia - Energy Efficient Vacuum Solutions for Semicon Applications

Busch Vacuum Pumps and Systems presented energy saving solutions for the semiconductor industry at SEMICON South East Asia, held in Penang, Malaysia, in late April 2016. Among the highlights of Busch’s presence at SEMICON South East Asia was the COBRA BC Premium Efficiency (PE) class of dry screw vacuum pumps for fab and related applications, offering energy savings of up to 40%.

SEMICON South East Asia is one of the region's most important trade shows for microelectronics and is a forum for discussing the latest trends in market segments such as semiconductors, micro-electromechanical systems (MEMs), and LEDs.

Busch used the occasion of SEMICON South East Asia to present on the Premium Efficiency class of vacuum pumps at one of the industry forum sessions. Up to 40% savings on energy operating costs can be realised with the COBRA BC Premium Efficiency (PE) class of dry screw vacuum pumps. These savings are achieved through a number of unique advantages, including integrated technology platforms, reduced maintenance and life cycle costs, and a reduced energy footprint.

The COBRA BC Premium Efficiency twin-screw vacuum pumps are the first in the Busch Premium Efficiency class of vacuum pumps and have been designed for a range of manufacturing applications across the fab, including process environments with light to harsh operating conditions, and for pumping ranges from 100-2000 m3/h. The vacuum pumps' small footprints allow for pump stacking, reducing demands on expensive subfab real estate. They offer substantial power reductions and increased mean-time-between-failure (MTBF) for reduced fab operating cost.

Read more about applications and the advantages of the Premium Efficiency class.

In addition to showcasing the COBRA BC 0101 F Premium Efficiency and COBRA BC 0600 F Premium Efficiency, Busch Malaysia presented the advantages of the Fossa scroll vacuum pump. These hermetically sealed, 100% oil free vacuum pumps are ideal for smaller scale fab applications, such as for small load-load chambers, metrology or wafer research, as well as in laboratories for gas recirculation or gas recovery (pumping air or conveying gases without leakage or ambient air contamination).

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