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TYR WT – Vacuum and Overpressure Generation for Industrial Applications

Tyr WT rotary lobe blowers were developed by Busch as modern high-performance vacuum and overpressure generators. They have established new standards of noise levels, compactness and efficiency.

The robust construction and outstanding manufacturing quality of Tyr WT rotary lobe blowers ensure outstanding reliability and durability. Constant pressure differentials in both vacuum and overpressure applications at medium and high pumping speeds are guaranteed.

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Quiet: due to an innovative acoustic insulation concept
  • Compact: minimized footprint, small surface area
  • Efficient: low energy consumption, minimized operating costs, minimal maintenance
  • Reliable: robust construction, reliable operation
  • Flexible: application-oriented

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Accessories and spare parts

Optimum Performance and Reliability

  1. Oil filler unit
  2. Temperature monitoring
  3. V-belt guard for versions with acoustic enclosure
  4. Resonant pulsation silencer
  • Flame arresters
  • Non-return valve
  • Vacuum regulation valve (for vacuum version)
  • Rubber and stainless steel expansion joints
  • Electronic filter monitoring
  • Nickel coating of stage
  • Corrosion protection kit
  • Start-up relief valve
  • High-performance filter for media with elevated dust content (for vacuum version)
  • Water cooling system (water-air or water-water)
  • Oil temperature sensors
  • Temperature monitoring device

Design options


Even in the standard version, Tyr WT rotary lobe blowers offer a high degree of flexibility. The V-belt drive and variable speed gearing, along with the choice of optimum motor for the required performance, allow Tyr WT rotary lobe blowers to be configured to suit every application. Furthermore, special motors can be supplied whenever the customer requires this.

C4 corrosion protection version
A special acoustic enclosure with all-weather finish is available for outdoor applications.

Anti-corrosion coating for blower stage
An optional anti-corrosion coating for the blower stage offers optimum protection when aggressive substances are being handled.

Water cooling
The water cooling system helps to maintain low bearing temperatures and reduces the temperature of oil in the gearbox whenever the inlet gas is hot, improving the lubricating qualities of the oil.

Acoustic enclosure
The optional acoustic enclosure reduces noise levels by an additional 10 to 20 dB(A).

Pulsation silencer without absorption material
A pulsation silencer without absorption material is available for applications in which there is a need to avoid risk of absorption material particles entering the process.

Product Overview

TYR WT Series Type


The Robust and Flexible Solution for Demanding Applications

Waste water treatment
Tyr WT rotary lobe blowers may be installed as standard units in sewage treatment processes wherever compressed air is required. They are ideally suited to the biological purification of waste water in aeration tanks: Reliable air injection providing an abundant supply of dissolved oxygen to the bacteria ensures effective removal of organic material and complete nitrification. The maximum blow-in depth is a water column of 10 metres. Tyr WT rotary lobe blowers may also be used to supply injection air to grit chambers. The agitating effect of the injected air supports the efficient separation of sand, oils and fats from suspended organic solids. The precisely dimensioned range of sizes enables an accurate adaption of the injection air guaranteeing an optimal separation and avoiding the deposit of sand or sludges in the downstream biological clarification stages.

Pneumatic conveying
Pneumatic conveying with vacuum or overpressure is an effective method of bulk material transportation. It is used particularly for the transport of animal feeds and building materials, and in chemicals and plastics processing industries to transport granulates, powders and other free-flowing materials from A to B via pipes using vacuum or overpressure. The vacuum or overpressure required may be supplied by Tyr WT rotary lobe blowers, providing reliable conveying at consistently high pumping speeds and without damage to the transported material. Because Tyr WT rotary lobe blowers require no operating fluids in the compression chamber, clean transport air is guaranteed.

Fish farming and processing
Tyr WT rotary lobe blowers are suitable for a wide range of applications in fish farming and fish processing. They are used for the aeration of breeding tanks to ensure an adequate supply of dissolved oxygen. In the fish processing industry Tyr WT rotary lobe blowers supply vacuum to extract intestines and waste material, and to clamp fish sections during the filleting process. Other applications in this sector include the aeration of biological filters and pneumatic fish feeding systems.

Wet waste disposal
Kitchen waste and leftover food from the canteens of catering companies, hospitals, universities and cruise ships are extracted by wet waste disposal systems and transferred to tanks. From there the waste is sent for disposal or recycling. Tyr WT rotary lobe blowers are the ideal vacuum generators for the transport of waste of this kind with airflow, as they supply high volume flows over long distances and can transport large quantities of waste material without difficulty.

Central vacuum and overpressure systems
Tyr WT rotary lobe blowers may be combined to create central vacuum and overpressure systems, such as when very high volume flows are required. The machines of entire production sites may be supplied by central systems of this kind, for instance for vacuum holding at numerous workstations, and for thermoforming. Central vacuum and overpressure systems achieve additional energy savings, as their controllers respond automatically to demand: Only the number of rotary lobe blowers currently required by the process are in operation at any given time.

… and many more!

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