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TURBO Turbomolecular Vacuum Pumps

Ultimate pressure: < 1·10 -10 - 1·10 -8 hPa (mbar)
Nominal pumping speed N2: 1080 - 2200 l/s

Turbo is the product line of Busch turbomolecular vacuum pumps. Turbo vacuum pumps were developed for high vacuum industrial applications.

Turbo vacuum pumps are designed for high vacuum applications up to 1·10-10 hPa (mbar) and high pumping speeds or gas throughputs. Gases are conveyed without using any operating fluids.

The high pumping speed of Turbo vacuum pumps is not compromized by high loads or unintentional gas break-ins. The innovative design of the ceramic bearing is completely free of oil and other possible contaminants. These vacuum pumps may be operated at any installation location. The compact rotor design is unmatched in its class, and combines the highest possible throughput with the smallest possible dimensions.

Operationally reliable and safe
The drive and control unit is fully integrated into the pump housing, and features flush connecting gas seals as standard.

Turbo – for maximum power in industrial high vacuum processes.

Turbo – for maximum power in industrial high vacuum processes.

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Turbomolecular Vacuum Pumps for High Vacuum Industrial Applications

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