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MINK MV – For Rough Vacuum Industrial Applications

Mink claw vacuum pumps are the result of continuous further development in claw vacuum technology by the market leader in dry claw vacuum pumps. Decades of experience in countless applications have led to substantial improvements in important aspects of the Mink MV series. The optimized sound insulation of the Mink MV is manufactured according to the latest developments in acoustic design. The low noise levels generated allow operation in the immediate vicinity of workstations.

The sophisticated design of Busch claw vacuum technology allows Mink MV vacuum pumps to operate at very high efficiency levels, which has a positive effect on the pumping speed and energy consumption. Mink MV vacuum pumps operate efficiently, and can reduce overall operating costs by up to 50% in comparison to conventional vacuum generators. The compact dimensions of Mink MV vacuum pumps permit their installation in the smallest of floor areas.

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Latest Claw Vacuum Technology
  • Quiet: low noise level due to a state-of-the-art acoustic design, can be installed at workstations
  • Efficient: low energy consumption, low operating costs
  • Compact: smallest footprint in its performance class

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Accessories and spare parts

Optimum Performance and Reliability

  1. Inlet filter
  2. IEC or NEMA standard motor
  • Filter for vacuum relief valve
  • Original Busch gearbox oils

Design options


ATEX certification
Mink MV claw vacuum pumps are also available in versions conforming to the EU guidelines for explosion hazard areas (ATEX).

Aqua version
The Aqua version may be ordered for applications transporting moist gases or vapors. This version features a special corrosion resistant coating.

Oxygen version
The Oxygen version is available for transporting gas mixtures with an oxygen content of over 21%. This version conforms to all safety requirements to permit safe extraction of gases with elevated oxygen content.

Speed control
Versions with frequency converter are available for optimal response to changing demand, allowing further savings in energy costs to be achieved.

Gas-tight version
The gas-tight version for applications transporting critical (e.g. toxic) gases reduces the leak rate to an absolute minimum.

Product Overview

MINK MV Series Type


Efficient and Dependable Vacuum Generation for a Wide Range of Industrial Applications

Mink claw vacuum technology is increasingly used for vacuum clamping in CNC machining centres, and is supplied as standard equipment by leading woodworking machine manufacturers. Endusers appreciate the excellent reliability, minimal maintenance and low operating costs in comparison to conventional vacuum generators. In addition to vacuum clamping, Mink vacuum pumps are also used in the woodworking industry for:

  • Moulding and veneer presses
  • Laminating
  • Vacuum drying
  • Handling

Pneumatic conveying
Mink vacuum pumps are well established as the industry standard for pneumatic conveying of bulk materials. In the plastics industry they are mainly used to transport plastic granules from silos via dryers to extruders or injection moulding machines. Mink vacuum pumps find applications in many other sectors. The food industry uses them to transport free flowing foodstuffs and ingredients. The constant pumping speeds allow conveying rates to be controlled precisely, and the operating fluid free working principle excludes contamination of the bulk material.

Plastics processing
Mink claw vacuum pumps have many uses in the plastics processing industry. In addition to pneumatic conveying, important application areas for Mink claw vacuum technology include plastics degassing in extruders, evacuating injection moulds, and plastic foil thermoforming.

Food industry
Mink claw vacuum pumps are predestined for processes requiring operating fluid free vacuum in the food manufacturing and processing industries. They are the ideal vacuum generators for handling cardboard boxes, packaging in cartons, and the filling of bottles, tubes and other containers. Mink vacuum pumps also provide operating fluid free vacuum for blister and thermoforming packaging processes. Mink vacuum technology delivers vacuum to robots performing palletizing and order picking operations – a reliable vacuum supply to every suction cup for clamping or handling of packaged items. Mink vacuum pumps supply vacuum to the foil bag handling process of continuous operations to fill foodstuffs into tubular bags.

Medical technology
Mink claw vacuum pumps provide vacuum to the treatment rooms of hospitals and other medical facilities. They are mostly installed centrally, and supply vacuum to medical appliances in the treatment rooms by pipe network. The high availability of Mink vacuum pumps contributes to improved safety in this sensitive application sector.

Central vacuum systems
Mink claw vacuum pumps are perfect as individual vacuum modules in a centralized vacuum supply. Busch delivers customized centralized systems for all industrial sectors. For applications in which oil-free operation is essential, Busch centralized vacuum supplies are equipped with Mink claw vacuum pumps.

… and many more!



Want to know more?
Contact us directly (Busch Morocco):
+212 523 31 62 61 Get in contact

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