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HUCKEPACK HO – The Unbreakable Vacuum Solution for the Toughest of Applications

Huckepack HO once-through oil-lubricated rotary vane vacuum pumps have been specially designed for particularly complex processes in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry as well as special vacuum packaging machines where considerable amounts of water vapor need to be handled. They are perfectly resistant to aggressive substances thanks to the fresh oil lubrication which allows corrosive gases or vapors to be conveyed without any difficulty.

Rotary vane technology has been continuously developed and optimized by Busch in the course of over 50 years, always with a strong focus on economy and reliability of operation. For decades, Huckepack rotary vane vacuum pumps have proven themselves in the toughest of applications, and have demonstrated their robustness and operational reliability, where other technologies have failed with time.

Depending on process conditions, Huckepack vacuum pumps can last for decades with only minimal maintenance which can easily be carried out by the operator. Apart from changing oil and filters at regular service intervals, no further maintenance is required.

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Reliable: robust construction, high performance vanes, reliable operation, proven performance, high vapor and particle tolerance
  • Flexible: application-oriented, easy adaption to individual customer requirements and processes
  • Efficient: high uptime, energy efficient, optimum cost-benefit ratio
  • Easy Servicing

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Accessories and spare parts

Optimum Performance and Reliability

  1. Various inlet filters
  2. Oil mist separator
  • Flushing device, manual and automatic
  • Monitoring and safety devices
  • Level switch
  • Temperature switch
  • Temperature control valve
  • Different choices of vanes
  • Large choice of lubricants and flushing fluids
  • Radiator cooling system
  • Duosec safety knock-out separator
  • Direct or star / delta switching devices
  • Exhaust silencer
  • Gas-ballast valve

Design options


ATEX certification
The Huckepack oil-lubricated rotary vacuum pumps are designed to comply with European directive 2014/34/EU (ATEX) and have been configured for safe use in hazardous areas to provide extra protection in explosive environment (Ex II 2(i)/2(o) G IIB(i)/IIB (o) T3(i) T4(o)).

Huckepack ATEX series


Product Overview



The Ultimate Vacuum Solution When Other Technologies Are Limited

The Huckepack once-through oil lubricated rotary vacuum pump has proven its reliability and adaptability for years in the food processing, chemical, pharmaceutical and plastic industries, in metallurgy, waste water treatment, solvent recovery and many more aggressive applications:

Vacuum distillation
A mixture of fluids can be separated based on their boiling point differences through evaporation and condensation. Vacuum is used to speed up this process by reducing the required temperature to achieve the boiling point and increase the product selectivity. In distillation applications where acidic media or monomers are involved, the Huckepack is the ultimate solution which can handle such fluids without any damage to the vacuum pump unlike other technologies which will corrode quickly.

Monomer production
Styrene, an important industrial unsaturated aromatic monomer, forms the basis of synthetic rubber and highly heat-resistant plastics for phone housings, pipe fittings or automotive parts. It is usually produced at high temperatures under low pressure. Because this process generates a considerable amount of particles and solvent vapors, the Huckepack technology is the perfect solution for this application. It can of course also be used for the production of all other monomers.

Olive oil extraction
During the extraction of olive oil, the olives undergo a series of oxidative reactions which lead to a lower content of the main flavours and anti-oxidant properties of the plant. Working under pressure guarantees a better preservation of the olive fragrance and nutriment by reducing the presence of air and thus reducing the oxidation of the olives. The Huckepack is the most appropriate solution as the processes involves a lot of vapor. Moreover, the process oil can be used as the vacuum pump’s lubricant.

Fatty acids production
Fatty acids, basic substances for food, nutrition and cosmetics applications, are produced using water for the hydrolysis of fats and oils into a mixture of glycerin and fatty acids. This mixture undergoes vacuum distillation and fractionation in order to obtain purified fatty acids. Because the process involves a prolonged exposure of the fatty acids under high and unstable temperature, polymerization or syrup formation may occur, making the Huckepack the solution of choice in such applications.

and many more!

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