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FOSSA Scroll Vacuum Pumps

Ultimate pressure: 0.01 - 0.025 hPa (mbar)
Nominal pumping speed 50 Hz: 15 - 35 m³/h
Nominal pumping speed 60 Hz: 18 - 42 m³/h

Hermetically sealed and with completely dry compression, Fossa scroll vacuum pumps are ideal for pumping air or conveying gases without leakage or contact between the pumping medium and the ambient air.

Featuring two sizes, 15 and 35 m3/h pumping speed, consistently high vacuum levels and very low noise and vibration levels, these vacuum pumps are everything that is expected from modern fine vacuum generation systems. Thanks to their compact design, Fossa scroll vacuum pumps require no special mounting and if required can be moved quickly for use at another location.

The low noise and vibration levels make the Fossa scroll vacuum pumps suitable for use directly in the workplace, for example in laboratories. They have no shaft seals and are equipped with lifetime-lubricated bearings as standard, consequently they require very little maintenance. Their high efficiency ensures maximum pumping speed with low energy consumption. A gas-ballast valve enables vapours to be pumped.

Fossa – hermetically sealed. Quiet and low vibration levels.

Fossa – hermetically sealed. Quiet and low vibration levels.

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Scroll Vacuum Pumps

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