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DOLPHIN LM / LT – Reliable Vacuum for a Variety of Industrial Processes

The Dolphin LM/LT series is the new generation of liquid ring vacuum pumps from Busch, with all the advantages of proven technology plus additional refinements.

Dolphin LMs are single-stage vacuum pumps for rough vacuum applications from atmospheric pressure to 130 hPa (mbar) ultimate pressure. Dolphin LTs are two-stage vacuum pumps and operate from atmospheric pressure to 33 hPa (mbar). The Dolphin LM/LT series is available in a total of 13 sizes, allowing an exact match to every process.

The operating fluid is usually water, but other liquids may be used if required by process conditions. Dolphin LM/LT liquid ring vacuum pumps may be operated as a simple continuous flow system, or as a partial or total recirculation system.

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Robust: proven technology, high vapor and particle tolerance
  • Compact: direct flange mounted motor, no base frame required, integrated flow channel
  • Flexible: application-oriented, operating fluids other than water are possible, ATEX certified version available (Cat. 1 (i) IIB, T4), corrosion-free stainless steel impeller, choice of cast iron (EN-GJL-200) or 316 grade stainless steel material housings

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Accessories and spare parts

Optimum Performance and Reliability

  1. Liquid separator
  2. Heat exchanger
  3. Non-return valve
  • Standard motors meeting IEC and NEMA criteria, IE3
  • ATEX motors
  • Cavitation protection
  • Gas ejector
  • Drain valves
  • Vacuum relief valves
  • Base frame mounted pumpset

Design options


Housing materials

  • Cast iron, EN-GJL-200 (standard)
  • Stainless steel, 316 grade (option)

Impeller and shaft materials

  • Stainless steel, 316 grade (standard)

O-Ring materials

  • Viton (standard)
  • PTFE (option)

Shaft seal elastomer materials

  • Viton (standard)
  • FFKM (option)

Operating liquid system

  • Continuous flow system
  • Partial recirculation system (open circuit)
  • Total recirculation system (closed circuit)

ATEX certification
Dolphin LM/LT liquid ring vacuum pumps are available in a version conforming to EU guidelines 2014/34/EU (ATEX) Cat. 1 (i) IIB, T4. Dolphin LM/LT models are available in different ATEX versions and temperature classes.

Dolphin ATEX series

Product Overview



Efficient and Dependable Vacuum Generation for a Wide Range of Industrial Applications

Vacuum drying
Vacuum drying is employed when delicate materials need to be dried rapidly and without damage. It is used in food processing to avoid loss of quality or taste. It is also highly suitable for materials with large surface areas, such as the removal of water from plastic granules or drying complex machine parts after cleaning. The high tolerance of Dolphin LM/LT vacuum pumps to water and moisture make them the ideal choice for drying processes. Examples of drying processes:

  • Freeze drying
  • Cleaning/Drying of industrial components
  • Drying of plastic granules
  • Drying of ceramic materials
  • Drying of building materials
  • Slurry drying in waste water treatment plants
  • Wood drying and impregnation

Vacuum distillation
Vacuum distillation is a distillation process carried out under reduced pressure. The lower pressure reduces the boiling point of the mixture allowing sufficiently volatile components to be extracted. As a rule, an extremely robust vacuum pump with a high tolerance to vapour is necessary to remove vapours and gases. Dolphin LM/LT vacuum pumps are ideally suited to vacuum distillation. Examples of distillation processes may be found in:

  • Chemical and pharmaceutical process technology
  • Laboratory technology
  • Food processing technology

Vacuum evaporation
Vacuum evaporation is a similar process to vacuum distillation: Liquid is boiled by reducing its pressure, and the resulting vapour is extracted. This process allows the manufacture of both liquid and solid concentrates. The vacuum pumps used must have a high tolerance to vapour. The main applications of vacuum evaporation are found in food processing technology, in the chemical industry and in industrial waste water treatment systems:

  • Concentration of liquids such as emulsion, acids and electrolytes
  • Treatment of wash water

In sterilization, vapour is injected into a sterilization chamber, then extracted by a vacuum pump. This procedure may be repeated several times, and several different vapours may be used. Vacuum has the task of extracting the vapour completely, helping the vapour introduced in the next cycle to fill the sterilization chamber. After the sterilization process, vacuum is also used to dry the sterilized items. Sterilization processes are mainly carried out in:

  • Foodstuff manufacturing
  • Food packaging manufacturing
  • Food packaging operations
  • Preparation of surgical instruments

Degassing of melts, for example the extrusion of plastics or pasta dough, produces gases and vapours that have a highly detrimental effect on the quality of the product. Degassing of the molten mass in the screw zone of the extruder is therefore necessary. Dolphin LM/LT liquid ring vacuum pumps are ideal for this purpose, as their robust operating principle allows the complete extraction of air, water vapour and other gas mixtures emitted by the process.

… and many more!

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