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COBRA NX – The All-Around Solution for Industrial Vacuum Applications

COBRA NX are high-performance and robust dry screw vacuum pumps for rough and medium vacuum applications. They are in use wherever gases and vapors need to be pumped reliably.

The proven, completely dry screw vacuum technology allows the COBRA NX to run without operating fluids in the compression chamber.

Vacuum pumps of the COBRA NX series are the most advanced screw vacuum pumps on the market today. They operate efficiently throughout their vacuum range and deliver constantly high pumping speeds.

COBRA NX dry screw vacuum pumps feature a specially developed screw profile and unimpeded gas discharge. Their design ensures an even heat distribution over the whole pump stage, which results in reduced thermal stress and increased service life.

The screws are manufactured from a single-piece casting without any gaps. This makes the ingress of process fluids or particles impossible and thereby prevents corrosion.

The compact dimensions of the COBRA NX permit installation in confined spaces.

An optional variable speed drive is also available for all models. This makes the COBRA NX ideally suited for applications where vacuum demand changes over time.

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Advanced screw design
  • Dry and contact-free operating principle
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Minimized operating costs
  • High vapor and particle tolerance, self-draining
  • Compact design
  • Modular construction

Operating principle

Two screw rotors inside the cylinder of the COBRA NX rotate in opposite directions. The pumped medium is trapped between the cylinder and screw chambers, compressed, and transported to the gas outlet. During the compression process, the screw rotors do not come in contact with each other or the cylinder. Thus, no lubricants or operating fluids are required in the compression chamber. COBRA NX series vacuum pumps use efficient water cooling. This results in an even temperature distribution throughout the pump body which ensures thermal stability.

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Accessories and spare parts

Optimum performance and reliability

  1. Gas-ballast valve (air) for wet applications
  2. Seal gas system for wet applications
  3. Exhaust silencer
  • Standard motors meeting IEC criteria, IE3
  • Combi Kit to add a vacuum booster
  • Anti-corrosive coating

Product Overview


The efficient standard solution for a wide range of applications

Heat treatment
Vacuum systems with COBRA NX screw vacuum pumps combined with Busch PANDA vacuum boosters provide perfect and efficient vacuum generation for heat treatment processes such as:

  • Nitriding/Nitrocarburizing
  • Annealing
  • Hardening
  • Tempering
  • Vacuum soldering

Vacuum is a key part of many coating processes, creating specific atmospheric conditions to improve surfaces and component properties. COBRA NX screw vacuum pumps are the optimum solution for coating processes as key part of a vacuum system. Examples of applications are:

  • Plasma enhanced deposition
  • Physical vapor deposition
  • Chemical vapor deposition

Vacuum drying
Vacuum drying is used to dry items rapidly at low temperatures and without thermal damage. For example, it is employed in the drying of foodstuffs in order to preserve food flavor. The high vapor tolerance of COBRA NX vacuum pumps makes them ideal for drying processes with high humidity. Examples of applications are:

  • Freeze drying
  • Cleaning/Drying of industrial parts

COBRA NX vacuum pumps are ideal for the vacuum packaging of wet products such as foodstuffs, and for the packaging of dusty materials. They are also highly suited to thermoforming or tray sealer vacuum packaging machines.

The high vapor and particle tolerance and advanced screw design of COBRA NX vacuum pumps make them ideal for rough degassing applications such as the deaeration of pastes and moist materials. COBRA NX are, for example, used in:

  • Clay degassing
  • Brick degassing

and many more!


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