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COBRA ATEX – For Safe Operation in Explosion Hazard Areas

The COBRA NC is a series of high-performance and robust dry screw vacuum pumps for demanding applications with maximum flexibility and modularity for process changes. The different ATEX versions are designed according to the EU directive 2014/34/EU relating to explosive atmospheres making them suitable for transporting explosive gases and vapours or operation in explosion hazard areas. Each model is available with different ATEX certifications to perfectly suit any requirement. Flame arresters may also be integrated if necessary.

These vacuum generators are in use wherever gases and vapours need to be pumped reliably. The proven, completely dry screw vacuum technology allows the COBRA NC to run without operating fluids in the compression chamber. In practice this means no contamination of the pumped medium, and no environmental emissions. In addition, no costs arise for the purchase, replacement and disposal of operating fluids. Maintenance tasks such as oil changes or filter replacement are no longer required or are reduced to a minimum.

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Advanced Screw Design
  • Explosion-Proof: ATEX-certified
  • Efficient: low energy consumption, minimal maintenance, minimized operating costs
  • Robust: high vapour and particle tolerance, self-draining
  • High Performance: high pumping speed at all inlet pressures
  • Flexible: water or air cooling and various sealing and coating configurations available

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Want to know more?
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