More fun at the pool with a vacuum system - Vacuum deflates swim rings in a Korean leisure pool

More fun at the pool with a vacuum system - Vacuum deflates swim rings in a Korean leisure pool

In order to store swim rings for thousands of pool guests overnight, and save space in the process, the Korean Ocean World leisure pool uses a vacuum pump to remove air from the rings.

Have you ever folded up a lilo after enjoying a trip to the pool? If you have, you'll know how tiring and drawn-out the job of removing air from this inflatable can be! A vacuum pump makes the process significantly quicker and more efficient.

A great example of this principle can be seen in action at "Vivaldi Park", to the east of South Korea's capital, Seoul. Among other themed sections, this tourist destination features "Ocean World" which the park proudly advertises as one of the top four water parks in the world. It covers an area the size of four football fields, has countless attractions, and can entertain up to 23,000 visitors at once, all bravely plunging into the depths on one of the possibly record-breaking slides, or letting themselves be buffeted by rapids in the artificial "Extreme River".

Guests to the pools are able to hire large swim rings in order to keep their heads out of the water and enjoy the adventure untroubled. The rental station keeps a few thousand of these round plastic tubes available so that there are plenty of rings for hire, even when demand is high. An efficient pump is used to quickly inflate rings for customers.

When returned, the inflatables must be placed back on the shelves where, of course, there would not be space to keep inflated rings. Pressing out the air manually and using bodyweight is not an option for this major business, particularly at peak times. Instead, the inflation process is reversed to deflate the rings. A vacuum pump sucks the air out of the swim ring in a few seconds, and the flat shell can then be easily folded and put aside.

Busch supplied an R 5 RA 0025 rotary vane pump for this application.

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