Learn more about the use of vacuum for holding and lifting of goods, such as the supply of materials to production processes, in palletising equipment, for loading and unloading heavy goods to and from vehicles and ships, for holding components during processing, for packaging a variety of different items in cardboard boxes, for paper supply, in printing and processing machines in the printing industry and for many other applications.

Handling and Lifting Goods using Vacuum

In which areas is vacuum used for holding and lifting?
Nowadays, it is inconceivable to imagine modern production procedures without holding, transporting, lifting or handling goods by vacuum. How else would it be possible to stack cardboard quickly and reliably, move glass panels, hold wooden components for milling, or load heavy items such as paper rolls, sacks or even bricks?

The idea is simple and ingenious: a suction cup, vacuum plate or vacuum table is used to apply suction and so hold an object firmly. This is an extremely effective method that makes it possible to move, transport or clamp objects held in this way.

In automated production processes such as furniture manufacturing, the component parts are moved by vacuum through the entire production line. The process begins with the delivery of wooden panels which are fed to the initial processing machine by a robot fitted with a vacuum suction device. The panels are held by vacuum and processed on this machine before being transported to the next processing stage by another vacuum gripper. At the end of the production line, a robot automatically stacks the crated furniture items on pallets.

In printing shops, vacuum is used to transport individual sheets of paper. They are drawn into the printing machine by vacuum, where they are fed through the individual printing stations by rollers by vacuum before being stacked again after printing. The paper is also fed through all the subsequent processing machines by vacuum.

Which Busch series are particularly suitable for holding and handling goods?
Due to the numerous areas of application and tasks involved in holding and handling goods, the requirements for vacuum
generators could hardly be more varied. For instance, dry running and oil-lubricated rotary vane vacuum pumps from the Seco and R 5 series, Samos side channel blowers, Mink claw vacuum pumps or Tyr rotary lobe blowers may be suitable.
If the vacuum supply of the operation is centralized, individual vacuum systems may be more appropriate.

We supply the right vacuum technology for all handling devices. For example, extremely energy-efficient and low-maintenance Mink claw vacuum pumps are used for clamping components to CNC machining centres used for woodworking. The wooden items are held in place firmly and securely for processing.

Examples of the use of Busch vacuum technology for holding and handling goods:


  • Automated materials handling – In production processes
  • Palletizing – Stacking of packed units on pallets
  • Loading and unloading – Of ships, vehicles and other means of transport
  • Clamping – To woodworking machinery
  • Packaging – Of an extremely wide range of articles in cardboard boxes or other packaging
  • Paper Transport – For printing and processing machines in the printing industry
  • Pick and Place – In the electronics, food, parts packaging and many other industries
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Want to know more?
Contact us directly (Busch Morocco):
+212 523 31 62 61 Get in contact

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