Solutions for Hospitals and Healthcare Facilities

Busch – your dependable partner
It is essential that hospitals and healthcare facilities are provided with safe and dependable equipment. Medical vacuum and air supply systems are no exception.

Busch offers custom-made vacuum and air supply solutions, that meet the technical, economic and safety requirements of every application.

Medical gas systems
Busch delivers highly efficient solutions for medical vacuum, air supply and anaesthetic gas scavenging applications. In addition to our extensive range of standard systems, we also develop and implement custom-made central supply solutions. 

Medical, dental and laboratory vacuum systems
Both centralized and decentralized vacuum systems for hospitals, dental clinics, laboratories and other healthcare institutions.

Medical air systems
Compressed air systems are used in patient care and the operation of surgical instruments. Centralized and decentralized systems are used to supply laboratory, medical and dental applications. For hygiene reasons it is imperative that only clean and dry compressed air is used. This is guaranteed by air supply systems from Busch, which are manufactured and certified to conform to all national and international standards, such as DIN EN ISO 7396-1, DIN EN 737-3, NFPA 99C and other quality assurance guidelines (for example those aid down by the operating company).

Anaesthetic and other gases
Anaesthetic scavenging systems extract anaesthetic gases from areas in which nitrous oxide units are used. The health risks to patients and staff are minimized by reducing long-term exposure to narcotic gases.

Vacuum Solutions Tailored to Your Needs
We provide our customers with complete consulting, design, planning, installation, control, commissioning and training services. We also offer any post-sales services you may require to operate your vacuum or air supply system.

Worldwide Busch Service
Busch operates the most comprehensive global service network in the vacuum and air supply industry. A rapid response to service requirements anywhere is ensured by service centres in more than 60 countries. Our qualified and highly-trained specialists will provide optimal service at your location.

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    브라질은 현재 남미 지역에서 가장 많은 COVID-19 확진 사례가 나타나고 있습니다. 이미 지난 3월에는 집중 치료가 필요한 코로나 환자로 인해 병원 수용량이 확대되었으며 몇 곳의 야전 병원이 설립되었습니다.
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    Busch Israel은 최근 여러 병원에 긴급하게 필요한 진공 기술을 공급할 수 있었습니다. 코로나 위기로 인해, 병원들은 집중적인 치료가 필요한 코로나 환자의 급증을 수용해야 하는 어려움에 처했습니다.
  • Busch AG와 Busch France 간의 생명을 구하기 위한 긴밀한 협력
    1주일 전 Busch Switzerland는 Busch France와 협력하여 두 곳의 스위스 병원에 추가 진공 시스템 설치를 완료했습니다. 바젤 소재 병원 한 곳과 투르가우 주 소재 병원 한 곳 각각에는 R5 로터리 베인 진공 펌프 3대가 장착된 3중 진공 시스템이 공급되었습니다.
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    당사의 대형 진공 펌프 중 12개는 중국의 우한(Wuhan)에 공급되어 코로나 바이러스(Corona virus)에 감염된 환자들의 치료를 지원합니다. 두 신규 병원이 며칠 전에 우한에 건설되었습니다.

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