5 Elements of Efficiency

Design, Heat recovery, Control, Centralization, Competence – these five elements determine the efficiency of each vacuum process. Optimizing these elements and how they interact will lead to the best solution.

Keeping an Eye on All Elements:

A Holistic Approach to Vacuum Efficiency

Achieving optimum process output, process stability and high availability, as well as the highest possible level of economic efficiency, requires the thorough consideration of all elements. Optimizing the efficiency of vacuum applications can bring significant cost savings. It is worth analyzing vacuum generation in all its complexity.

The Busch 5E concept takes into account all of these elements. 5E stands for the five key elements that determine the efficiency of vacuum processes:

Design, Heat Recovery, Control, Centralization and Competence.

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下記までお問い合わせください (Busch 日本):
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Efficiency by Design

Leading in Performance and Efficiency Through Continuous Improvement

The design and quality of vacuum pumps are crucial to performance, efficiency and total life cycle costs.


  • There are many ways to generate vacuum. But often only one operating principle delivers the greatest possible efficiency for a specific application.
  • Efficient vacuum supply starts with the design of the core component – the vacuum pump.
  • The way in which vacuum is generated, the design of flow paths, temperature distribution, the spatial ratio of compression chambers inside the vacuum pump – all of these factors play a decisive role.

  • Busch is leading the way in performance-optimized design:

  • Mink claw vacuum pumps – Leading in reduced energy consumption and total operating costs
  • R 5 RD rotary vane vacuum pumps – Lowest energy consumption and highest performance in their technology class
  • COBRA screw vacuum pumps – Best-in-class process stability and uptime, also in demanding processes. They feature a specially developed screw profile setting new standards of efficiency
  • Huckepack rotary vane vacuum pumps – have proven themselves in the toughest of applications, and have demonstrated their robustness and reliability for decades

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Efficiency by Heat Recovery

Efficiency Through Optimum Use of Exhaust Heat

During operation, vacuum pumps convert kinetic energy into heat energy. Heat recovery systems can harness this energy.


  • Even the most efficient vacuum pumps generate heat during operation, which is usually released into the environment.
  • Instead of wasting this energy by simply removing the exhaust heat, the consumed energy can to a large extent be recovered for reuse in other areas of the company.
  • For example to generate hot water or to heat spaces or buildings.

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Efficiency by Control

Intelligent Vacuum Control Systems for Efficient Operation

Control of vacuum systems perfectly tuned to production ensures optimum process stability and output.


  • Easy monitoring and control of all process-related data with the VacTest
  • Variable speed drive for optimizing energy efficiency
  • Accurate process measurement ensuring optimum product quality

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Efficiency by Centralization

The Centralized Approach to Maximum Efficiency

A central vacuum supply offers the potential to reduce operating costs and to increase energy efficiency.


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Efficiency by Competence

Experience Bringing Efficiency to Your Processes

Efficient operation of vacuum processes requires experience in the interaction of all process components.


  • Decades of experience from thousands of projects worldwide
  • Busch is global and always near you
  • Vacuum pumps and systems are the key components in many production processes
  • Availability, reliability and efficient operation are therefore factors that must be evaluated in any approach to increasing efficiency and thus reducing cost of operation
  • An efficient vacuum supply can only be guaranteed by understanding the interaction of every single process component
  • Specialized Busch engineers in all parts of the world assist our customers by analyzing their specific process requirements and suggesting a solution that takes into account all factors
  • This guarantees the highest level of efficiency in vacuum generation

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