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Mink MV 1202 A

The Mink MV 1202 A belongs to the Busch product family of proven Mink claw vacuum pumps. You will find more information on advantages, technology, accessories and spare parts, applications as well as a complete product overview on our Mink MV series type page.

Series Type Page Mink MV
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Mink MV 1202 A - the largest industrial claw vacuum pump from the market leader.

Technical Specification

Mink MV 1202 A

With Mink vacuum pumps, two claw-shaped rotors turn in opposite direction inside the housing. Due to the shape of these claw rotors, the air or gas is sucked in, compressed and discharged. The claw rotors do not come into contact either with each other nor with the cylinder in which they are rotating.

Tight clearances between the claw rotors and the housing optimise the internal seal and guarantee a consistently high pumping speed. A synchronisation gearbox ensures exact synchronisation of the claw rotors. Mink vacuum pumps are driven by a directly flange-mounted asynchronous motor, with an efficiency class IE2 / IE3. Mink claw vacuum pumps are ideally suited to use with frequency-controlled drives.

Dimensional Drawing Mink MV 1202 A
Mink MV 1202 A

Pumping speed

Air at 20 °C. Tolerance: ± 10%

50 Hz 60 Hz
Pumping speed <p> Air at 20 °C. Tolerance: ± 10%</p>
Technical data Mink MV 1202 A
Nominal pumping speed m3/h 50 Hz 950
Ultimate pressure hPa (mbar) 50 Hz 200
Nominal motor rating kW 50 Hz 18.5
Nominal motor speed min-1 50 Hz 3000
Noise level (ISO 2151)* dB(A) 50 Hz 79
Weight approx. kg 750
Dimensions mm 1620 x 670 x 1210
Gas inlet / outlet DN 100 PN 10/16 / DN 100 PN 10/16
*at 400 hPa (mbar) inlet pressure  


Mink MV 1202 A

Want to know more?
Contact us directly (Busch India):
Get in contact or +91 (0)124 475 1300

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