Successful Use of COBRA NX 0450 A Vacuum Pumps by Lufthansa in Aircraft Engine Revisions

Since Busch launched the COBRA NX 0450 A dry screw vacuum pump in 2014, this innovative vacuum pump has been meeting customers’ demands highly successfully in many industries, including aerospace.

COBRA NX 0450 A vacuum pumps feature a patented screw profile. This new vacuum pump is more energy efficient and cost-effective than comparable vacuum pumps and was developed by Busch Vacuum Pumps and Systems specifically for applications demanding high pumping speeds throughout the working range from 1000 mbar to 0.1 mbar.

The proven, completely dry screw vacuum technology requires no operating fluids in the compression chamber. Consequently, maintenance tasks such as oil and filter replacement are not required, and servicing work is restricted to gearbox oil changes at long intervals.

The COBRA NX is powered by an energy-efficient IEC standard motor, with frequency control available as an option.

The COBRA NX 0450 A is already meeting customers' demands successfully in industry, including in the aerospace sector, as the following application outline illustrates.

COBRA NX 0450 A in Engine Revisions

Lufthansa Technik AG is one of the world's leading providers of aircraft maintenance, repair and overhaul services. Part of Lufthansa Technik's business involves the revision of aircraft jet engines. Turbine blades are refurbished using metallurgical and thermal processes, and furnaces are used for brazing (the process of joining metals together) and stress relief annealing (heat treatment).

Prior to the COBRA NX 0450 A, Lufthansa had used a competitor's oil-lubricated backing pump that demanded a great deal of maintenance, including an oil change every three months and major servicing twice each year. In the face of these costs, Lufthansa Technik in Hamburg made the decision to replace the vacuum pump with the new Busch screw vacuum pump COBRA NX 0450 A.

Benefits of Changeover

Among the benefits of this changeover are:

  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Improved furnace uptime
  • Reduced noise levels and the obvious benefits for workers in the immediate vicinity of pump

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