Quality Standards in API Production - Busch Vacuum Solutions Impress at CPhl/P-MEC India 2016

Gurgaon, India Proven reliability of vacuum solutions is crucial to meeting rigorous demands in the pharmaceuticals industry. Visitors at his year’s CPhl/P-MEC trade show, held in Mumbai (India) on 21-23 November 2016, were impressed by our comprehensive approach to these industry demands.

Vacuum is a crucial component in the pharmaceutical processing technology sector, helping to accelerate reactions, protect materials or separate individual substances from one another cleanly and effectively as well as, in some cases, creating the conditions for a chemical reaction to take place at all. A wide range of processes in the pharmaceutical processing technology sector demand tailored vacuum technology that is reliable and capable of meeting the stringent requirements of quality, safety and efficacy. Visitors to our booth used the opportunity to discover more about our range of solutions for the sector.

With the new Mink MV series, Busch has succeeded in developing claw vacuum pumps that have a significantly lower noise level than comparable vacuum generators on the market. They are also extremely compact and efficient. The new series operates in the same way as the previous series, i.e. according to the completely dry and contact-free claw principle. Therefore, no operating fluids are required in the compression chamber, which means that all associated maintenance work, such as oil and filter changes, is eliminated. There is no wear thanks to the contact-free operation and therefore no wearing parts will need to be replaced. Mink claw vacuum pumps are used to generate the vacuum required for feeding material into various machines. In principle, mink claw vacuum pumps can also be used in central vacuum systems.

COBRA dry screw vacuum pumps are suitable for use in procedural processes. They operate without any operating fluid in the compression chamber at all, and are therefore able to pump gases and vapours without contaminating them. The extensive range of series and design options available means that these vacuum pumps can be matched precisely to the respective pumped medium. COBRA screw vacuum pumps are ideal for combining with Panda vacuum boosters, and a vacuum system that is immediately ready for operation can be configured through the addition of practical accessories such as capacitors, separators and filters.

Gases and vapours that are drier and less corrosive can be extracted using the Busch R 5 oil-lubricated rotary vane vacuum pumps. Their robust structure and reliability have made them the industry standard in many areas of application. They are often used as the base pump in central vacuum systems for centralized vacuum supply, and produce due to its high pumping speeds an ideal vacuum for the pharmaceutical processing technology sector – even in low pressure ranges.

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