Perfect Packaging with Reliable Vacuum Generation

The Italian company Minipack-Torre is a leading manufacturer of packaging machines. The main focus of production is shrink wrapping and vacuum packaging equipment.
Joint partners: Maurizio Barbanti (Sales Manager Minipack-Torre), Luigi Lionetti (General Manager Busch Italia), Fabio Torre (Managing Director Minipack-Torre)
Joint partners: Maurizio Barbanti (Sales Manager Minipack-Torre), Luigi Lionetti (General Manager Busch Italia), Fabio Torre (Managing Director Minipack-Torre)

Due to the high quality standards demanded by Minipack-Torre, the company only works with selected and qualified suppliers. Minipack-Torre relies on proven Busch vacuum technology, and uses only R 5 rotary vane vacuum pumps. This, according to Minipack-Torre, is the only way to provide customers with the best possible quality and functionality.

The company has its origins in 1969, when Francesco Torre started to produce shrink wrapping machines independently in Dalmine (BG) near Bergamo. In 1975 he developed a new machine which allowed packaging processes to be carried out more rapidly and effectively. This machine was patented under the name Minipack, and the company was renamed Minipack-Torre. In 1993 the first vacuum packaging machine was developed, and subsequently presented in the USA. The first-generation machines were equipped with rotary vane vacuum pumps. Following a continuous effort to improve its own products and the customers' demand to have Busch vacuum pumps in their machines, Minipack-Torre changed suppliers and subsequently used only Busch vacuum pumps.

After Minipack-Torre became the world's leading shrink wrapping machine, it started to concentrate on vacuum packaging equipment opening a new market share and a new commercial challenge. The vacuum packaging product range now includes 45 models in 15 sizes. The range includes single chamber, double chamber and flat belt machines for industrial vacuum packaging. There are also table top chamber packaging machines in various sizes for catering applications, and smaller models for private households. Minipack-Torre supplies most of its vacuum packaging machines to the catering industry. Maurizio Barbanti, the Minipack-Torre sales manager, sees these products not just as packaging machines – they are multi-purpose vacuum units, as they are used by customers for marinating, vacuum cooking ("sous vide") and to compress food supplies before storage. He views private households as a growing market segment, as an increasing number of people favour gentle vacuum cooking to create high-quality dishes. The main markets for Minipack-Torre products are in Europe and in North America.
Newest vacuum packaging machine from Minipack-Torre

For many years Busch R 5 rotary vane vacuum pumps have proved to be reliable vacuum generators in Minipack-Torre packaging machines. As the demand for smaller packaging machines is increasing, these models are now also equipped with R 5 rotary vane vacuum pumps. All models and sizes in the Minipack-Torre product range now use only Busch vacuum technology. For Maurizio Barbanti, this was a logical step towards achieving the objective of producing top-quality equipment for the smaller machine market.

Busch R 5 rotary vane vacuum pumps are designed for vacuum packaging applications. Their key characteristics are robustness and low maintenance requirements. The integrated circulating oil lubrication system ensures permanently high vacuum levels. The oil also lubricates, cools and cleans the pump. If damp or liquid products are being packaged and moisture enters the vacuum pump, it will pass through in vapour form without affecting the pump performance or the vacuum level.

Typical R 5 rotary vane vacuum pump for packaging machines from Busch

Especially in the case of small table models that are not in continuous use, it is important that the vacuum pump can deal with water vapour without performance loss or damage, even if intermittent operation prevents the pump from reaching its ideal working temperature.

Minipack-Torre's determination to produce top-quality small vacuum units led to discussions with Busch vacuum specialists, which resulted in R 5 rotary vane vacuum pumps designed specifically to match the requirements of Minipack-Torre vacuum units. As Maurizio Barbanti emphasizes, Busch is seen not just as a supplier – it is also a long-term partner to help overcome future challenges. In his opinion this is only possible with a partner like Busch, which can react quickly and flexibly to provide competent on-site support. The Busch global network of 59 companies and extensive worldwide service network bring additional benefits to the partnership.

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