Vacuum for Degassing, Conveying and Thermoforming Presented at K 2016 Trade Show

Busch presented solutions for degassing, conveying and thermoforming at the K trade show, held in Duesseldorf, Germany, on 19-26 October 2016. Our focus was on the degassing of plastic masses in the extrusion process. For the first time, Busch presented the Combi BM extruder degassing system, a two-stage degassing system based on Mink claw vacuum technology.
The extruder degassing plant attracted great interest at the Busch booth

The extruder degassing system consists of two vacuum stages. Compression in the two Mink claw vacuum pumps is aligned in such a way that gases can be extracted at the lowest possible temperatures. This prevents hydrocarbon, which is also conveyed in the process, from cracking between the vacuum stages.

The many different sizes of Mink claw vacuum pumps allow the combination of Mink as a vacuum booster and as a backing pump to be optimally positioned at the operating point.

Busch showcased the Mink MV 0602 B at the K 2016 and how it is used for the pneumatic supply of material on injection moulding machines and extruders.

The compression principle of Mink dry claw vacuum pumps, which operate contact-free and do not require operating fluids in the compression chamber, means there is no wear. Furthermore, there is no need to perform any maintenance associated with operating fluids, such as changing filters or oil, or to replace worn parts. Mink claw vacuum pumps are also characterized by high energy efficiency in all applications, which can also be even further increased through the use of frequency-controlled motors.

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