Busch Vacuum India Receives Golden Peacock Business Excellence Award 2015

Busch Vacuum India has received the prestigious “Golden Peacock Business Excellence Award 2015” in the category “Engineering”.
Ajit Singh, Managing Director of Busch Vacuum India

(Gurgaon) - The Golden Peacock Business Excellence Award Scheme was inaugurated by India's Institute of Directors in 2012. It encourages business excellence improvements in manufacturing and service organisations in India.

On accepting the award, Managing Director of Busch Vacuum India, Ajit Singh, said: "Excellence is the foundation of our business and we bring a rich legacy of over 50 years. We are producing products that are globally competitive, which means products that meet global quality standards and expectations of customers in different parts of the world. At Busch Vacuum India, we are committed to continuous improvement to produce quality products at an affordable cost."

"This global recognition for Busch Vacuum India in the form of the Golden Peacock Business Excellence Award is testimony of our business excellence and quality strength."

The Excellence Award was presented to Busch Vacuum India at the "Dubai Global Convention 2015: The 25th World Congress on Leadership for Business Excellence & Innovation & Presentation of Golden Peacock Awards" (held in Dubai, UAE).

India's Institute of Directors acts in association with around 35,000 senior executives and represents Indian organisations in private, public and state sectors on the subcontinent and increasingly abroad.

Further information about the Golden Peacock Awards (www.goldenpeacockawards.com)

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