Proven vacuum technology fit for Industry 4.0

Maulburg, Germany Busch Vacuum Pumps and Systems enjoyed a great deal of interest from an audience of experts at the IFFA in Frankfurt. The vacuum technology specialist showcased its latest products for the vacuum packaging of meat and sausage products and for meat processing.
Industry experts were interested in the various vacuum solutions as well as the topic of Industry 4.0. Photo: Busch Dienste GmbH
Industry experts were interested in the various vacuum solutions as well as the topic of Industry 4.0. Photo: Busch Dienste GmbH

Busch also premiered the new R 5 PLUS rotary vane vacuum pump, which is prepared for Industry 4.0. This innovative vacuum pump is based on proven rotary vane vacuum technology. Thanks to its demand-driven control and variable speed drive, it is exceptionally efficient. All relevant operating data is permanently recorded and stored, and can be accessed on the built-in display or transferred via a Modbus TCP/IP client/server protocol. As a result, the vacuum pump can also be controlled remotely from a PC or higher-level process control system. With all these features, Busch showcased a vacuum pump that fully complies with the requirements of Industry 4.0. The R 5 PLUS can be used as both an individual vacuum pump – in a double-chamber packaging machine, for instance – or as a vacuum module in a central vacuum supply system.

Following Busch's presentation of the first size of the latest generation of the R 5 RD rotary vane vacuum pump at the IFFA 2016, the company has now been able to showcase the entire series. With a pumping speed of 160 to 300 m3/h, it has already become firmly established on the market and is used by leading manufacturers of thermoforming and tray sealing packaging machines. Compared to older vacuum pumps or other vacuum pumps of the same design, it can cut energy consumption by 20% and requires much less maintenance effort. In light of these attributes, the product range is hugely appealing to meat processors and packagers because replacing an existing vacuum pump with a new R 5 RD can have economic benefits.

A further focus at Busch's booth at the IFFA was the issue of dry-running technology, in other words the use of oil-free vacuum pumps in the field of vacuum packaging and meat processing. As early as the 1990s, Busch had already developed two forms of vacuum technology – the COBRA screw vacuum pump and the Mink claw vacuum pump – capable of compressing without any oil at all, thanks to their contact-free operating principles. With the COBRA NX, Busch presented a vacuum pump that is used as an individual unit in packaging machines or as a vacuum module in central vacuum systems. A Mink MV 0040 C Synchro claw vacuum pump rounds off Busch's range of dry vacuum technologies. Mink MV Synchro claw vacuum pumps are fitted with an internal demand-driven control unit and variable speed drive as standard. These vacuum pumps are also fit for Industry 4.0 and can be controlled using a handheld unit, a parameter kit or a fieldbus module. Various fieldbus modules are available to integrate the vacuum pumps into the machine control unit or process control system.

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