Aqua Nor Trade Show 2017 - Solutions for the Fish Farming Industry

Trondheim, Norway Busch Vacuum Pumps and Systems recently presented solutions for the fish farming industry at the Norway’s Aqua Nor trade show, held in mid-August 2017. Aqua Nor has been an important international venue for aquaculture industry since 1979 and is today the world's largest aquaculture technology trade fair.

Our vacuum pumps and systems are used in virtually all aspects of fish farming. In hatcheries, for instance, Dolphin liquid ring vacuum pumps from Busch are used to remove residue effectively once the eggs have hatched. Tyr rotary lobe blowers and Samos side channel blowers from Busch are employed day in, day out for the aeration of fish tanks, whether that be in indoor or outdoor tanks.

In fish processing facilities, Tyr rotary lobe blowers are also widely used as an efficient vacuum source for pneumatic conveying of by-products in the processing of whole fish or filets. R 5 vacuum pumps and Panda vacuum boosters are ideal solutions for the vacuum packaging of filets for consumer markets.

All of these products and solutions were a focus of Busch's presence at the Aqua Nor trade Show and generated very strong interest among visitors.

During the exhibition we also outlined our solutions for efficiently and hygienically removing perished fish from breeding and growth tanks using vacuum extraction systems. In many companies, manual handling of perished fish is still common, which can pose challenges in terms of both efficiency and protection against contamination. By handling perished fish with automatic solutions, this risk is reduced significantly.

These solutions for handling perished fish for aquaculture facilities of all sizes are individually designed and generated a great deal of interest at this year's Aqua Nor. (Read about our solution provided to Osland Settefisk AS.)

Norway is Europe's largest supplier of fish and fish products. After oil and gas, fish farming is the country's second most important industry. The picturesque settlements dotting Norway's rugged coastline of cliffs, islands and fjords are highly dependent upon the fishing and fish processing industry.

Fish farming alone is a source of employment for over 7000 people, and about 95% of production is exported

Trade show organizers report a record attendance for Aqua Nor 2017, with an increase in visitors of over 30% on the previous event.

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