Selected Industry Solutions

A Busch minden iparág számára kínál vákuumtechnológiai megoldásokat. Alább talál néhány megoldást egy pár iparágra vonatkozóan.

Hospitals and Healthcare Facilities - Reliable and Safe Vacuum and Air Supply

Hospitals and healthcare facilities demand safe and dependable equipment. The quality of people's health and their lives depends on it. Busch offers custom-made vacuum and air supply systems that meet the technical, economic and safety requirements of every application in the sector. 


Heat Treatment Processes - Complete Systems and Individual Components

Our systems are designed to provide the optimal solution for any process or heat treatment combination. We supply large and small - from complete units with control systems to the replacement of existing plant components.


Plastics Processing - Optimized Solutions for Each Application

Busch offers the most comprehensive product portfolio of vacuum pumps and systems around, for all applications in the field of plastics processing.


Oil and Gas Industry - Solutions Tailored Precisely to Industry Needs

Safety, efficiency and having a reliable partner at your side crucial considerations in the oil and gas industry. Profit from more than 50 year's of experience in providing solutions for the industry.



Chemical and Pharmaceutical Industry - Optimum Design and configuration of Vacuum Equipment

Vacuum is an important part of chemical and pharmaceutical processes: it helps to accelerate reactions and protect materials from damage, keeps components clean and separate, and improves efficiency. In some cases the reaction is only possible under vacuum.


Woodworking Industry - For CNC machines and Other Key Applications

Worldwide our customers in the woodworking sector benefit daily from our knowledge and expertise. Our range of vacuum pump and system solutions is designed to meet the demands of quality, efficiency and cost-effectiveness in key woodworking applications.



Villamos energia termelés - biztonságos, megbízható, nagy hatékonyságú

Legyen az akár kondenzátor ürítés, turbina határoló gőz elszívás, szárítás vagy nyomástartás, megoldásainkat mindig kifejezetten az Ön igényeihez alakítjuk



Vacuum Technology for Analytics and R&D

Accurate analysis results, repeatable experiments and productivity are indispensable in any laboratory or research facility. Quiet operation and low heat emission represent further key factors for a decent working environment. With the help of vacuum you can meet all these requirements.