Vacuum Solutions for Woodworking

As leading provider of vacuum pumps and systems, Busch offers solutions for all vacuum applications in the woodworking sector.

Whether the demand is for clamping, laminating and veneering, drying, or handling and lifting, our range of vacuum solutions is designed to meet the demands of quality, efficiency and cost-effectiveness in key woodworking applications.

  • CNC wood processing
    • Clamping with MDF spoilboard (nesting)
    • Clamping with vacuum blocks
  • Laminating / Veneering
  • Drying
  • Handling and lifting

Stable Performance and Reduced Costs in CNC Wood Processing with Mink Claw Vacuum Pumps
Stable clamping performance is an important factor in CNC wood processing. Mink claw vacuum pumps operate on the principle of claw technology, contact-free and therefore wear-free. The holding capacity remains constant and always at the required clamping level. This increases process reliability for woodworking using MDF spoilboard (nesting) or vacuum blocks.
As a result of the contact-free claw technology, Mink claw vacuum pumps require virtually no maintenance and consume far less energy than is the case with other technologies, offering savings of up to 50% on energy and operating costs.

Save with Mink:

  • Dry operation, without operating fluids in compression chamber
  • Wear-free vacuum technology means almost no maintenance costs
  • Energy savings
  • Constantly high pumping speed
  • High uptime

For higher pumping speeds, Mink vacuum pumps can be combined as compact vacuum units, allowing almost any pumping speed to be achieved. Because Mink vacuum pumps can be equipped with frequency-controlled motors, the pumping speed can be matched precisely to process demand.

New Mink MV Series
The new Mink MV series offers excellent performance and efficiency in a low-noise, compact design. Based on the latest claw vacuum technology.
Quieter. More efficient. More compact. Find out more

Other Busch Products for Woodworking Applications

  • R 5 oil-lubricated rotary vane vacuum pumps Robust, air-cooled, available in a wide range of sizes, ideal for wood drying, clamping or laminating applications
  • Seco dry-running rotary vane vacuum pumps Valued by small- and medium-sized wood processors in handling and lifting applications
  • Dolphin liquid ring vacuum pumps Robust, proven vacuum pumps with a high tolerance to moisture and corrosive substances, ideal for drying processes.
  • Samos side channel blowers Ideal for handling and lifting applications.


Want to know more?
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Want to know more?
Contact us directly (Busch United States):
1-888-BUSCHUS Get in contact

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