Vacuum Solutions for Electric Power Generation

With over forty years of experience in the electric power industry and installations all over the world, Busch offers vacuum technology for all applications in electric power generation. Main applications are:

Condenser exhausting (holding and hogging)
The central function of vacuum in condenser exhausting is to extract non-condensable gases, thereby maintaining the desired vacuum in the condenser (holding). Since the non-condensable gases are saturated with water vapor, liquid ring vacuum pumps are the primary technology for this application. With the Dolphin liquid ring vacuum pump series, Busch provides a tailored solution for condenser exhausting which includes different construction materials, nominal pumping speeds up to 6,475 ACFM (11,000 m3/h), and standard vacuum systems. Hogging is the initial evacuation of the condenser to a pre-defined vacuum level prior to turbine start-up. Since high pumping speeds are often required, Dolphin liquid ring vacuum pumps are used for this application as well.

Turbine gland steam removal
To prevent air ingress to the turbine, steam is injected into the turbine glands and removed by a vacuum system. This is especially important during start-up on the high pressure side of the turbine, and on the low pressure side during operation. This gland system handles steam passed through the seals and any non-condensables accumulated along the way. Pumping water vapor and non-condensables is an ideal application for Dolphin liquid ring vacuum pumps. An alternative solution is also the Aqua version of Mink claw vacuum pumps for humid processes.

Priming and holding
Non-condensable gases trapped in surface condenser waterboxes, cooling tower tubes, cooling water pumps or water turbines can render such equipment inefficient or even ineffective. Busch provides claw and liquid ring vacuum technology to help initially fill equipment with water (priming) and evacuate non-condensables while on process (holding). Standard vacuum systems can be fully automated and designed for harsh outdoor conditions.

Optimized solutions for each application
Designing an optimized vacuum solution for each application requires an understanding of many factors. Based on the experience gained through hundreds of installations worldwide, Busch vacuum system engineers analyze requirements such as process gas, customer specifications, environmental conditions, industry standards (eg. BEAMA, HEI, VDEW, VGB) and more.

The result is a vacuum system tailored into an optimum solution that takes into account energy efficiency, longevity, materials of construction, and maintenance. This is how Busch provides optimized performance, and how Busch has established a proven track record in the power generation market.

Busch operates a global service network to install, commission and maintain vacuum systems. With over 60 companies in more than 40 countries and a global service network, Busch offers rapid-response service for all its installed vacuum systems worldwide.

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Want to know more?
Contact us directly (Busch United States):
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