Busch as Employer

Long-Term Objectives are More Important than Short-Term Gains

Busch was founded as a family enterprise in 1963 by Dr. Karl Busch and his wife Ayhan Busch. Today, daughter Ayla Busch and sons Sami Busch and Kaya Busch work, together with the two founders, daily on the success of the company. Together they stand for the continuity, long-term orientation and sustainability of the company.

The Busch family and the managing directors are always open to approach by employees. Flat hierarchies create short decision-making paths and an open, informal working atmosphere for all staff.

The financial position of the company is oriented to long-term growth. Our expansion is funded from revenues, making us independent of external financing by banks, stock markets or short-term oriented investors. This creates a secure and dependable environment for both customers and employees, and ensures that our growth is accompanied by continuity and innovation.


We Depend on Our Staff

We believe that the support and encouragement of new employees is of vital importance. This is reflected in our company motto ‘take the best and set them challenges'. We aim to give new employees a comprehensive introduction to the company, and provide them with continuous further education and training.

A high degree of personal involvement and broad responsibilities in a friendly and cooperative working environment form the ideal basis for successful professional development.

This also applies to our trainees and students. We set the bar high, but by allowing our trainees to learn according to their individual requirements we help them to achieve consistently outstanding examination results. It is significant that all our trainees have been employed by the company after completion of their training.

Diversity and equal opportunities are important within the company. To increase our proportion of women, we set national and global goals. We wish to recruit employees of all ages and nationalities, and provide them with an opportunity for personal development. We employ people from almost 20 countries in Germany alone.

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