Quality Policy

Busch Spain

The Executive Management of Busch Ibérica establishes as the Company's Quality Policy the following principles:

  1. All the activities of the Company aim towards achieving the highest customer satisfaction, covering where possible their needs or expectations, through the products and services we offer them at a very competitive price.
  2. Adjusting our products and services to market needs and to strengthen the technical support offered to our customers in order to achieve an optimal use.
  3. Defining objectives in regards of quality, detailed and quantified, and carrying out the monitoring and review of them.
  4. Establishing a system to improve the knowledge of our staff which guarantees their professional and human development.
  5. Developing our activity according to Management commitment with the efficient process management and continuous improvement of the Quality Management System, and with the participation of all employees, aiming the actions of the whole organization towards:
  • Permanently improving the services to achieve higher customer satisfaction.
  • Accommodating the counselling techniques to our customers' needs, prior the acquisition of our products and services.
  • Using an approach aimed at knowing the needs and expectations of the customers by periodically designing and planning surveys which allow establishing actions aimed at enhancing their level of satisfaction.
  • Continuous review of requirements and outputs of products and service offered by Busch Ibérica, which allow improving the quality of them.
  • Controlling defects and flaws at origin by objectively knowing their causes and applying the necessary corrective actions; always with the goal of avoiding customer dissatisfaction.
  • Performing Internal Audits to objectively check System works properly.
  • Process risk assessment to prevent potential anomalies or nonconformities.
  • Actions to address risks and opportunities as method to prevent anomalies and improve our services.
  • Commitment to meet the requirements of our clients, and all interested parties, including legal and regulatory requirements.

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