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Busch Service – Always Close to Wherever You Are

With over 50 years of industrial experience, we have service teams with their own service centres or mobile service units in more than 40 countries around the world.

Busch service technicians receive regular training in maintaining and servicing all vacuum pumps, blowers and compressors on the market. They hold the necessary certifications to carry out servicing in risk-sensitive areas.

Pumps and systems used in processes that handle substances dangerous to the environment or health can be serviced anywhere in the world by specialised Busch teams and service centres.

Want to know more?
Contact us directly (Busch United States):
1-888-BUSCHUS Get in contact
Want to know more?
Contact us directly (Busch United States):
1-888-BUSCHUS Get in contact

Safety and Availability for Vacuum and Overpressure Applications

Benefit from Service
Vacuum pumps and vacuum systems as well as blowers and compressors are important components in many production processes. That's why availability, reliability and efficient operation are so important. This demands expert service capabilities and the use of Genuine Spare Parts from Busch.

In spite of many maintenance-free or low-maintenance components being available today, many production processes demand a degree of safety and availability that goes beyond the demand of single components. Meeting the safety and availability requirements of whole systems can only be guaranteed by individually customised overhaul and maintenance procedures based on the specific production processes.

Selecting the Right Partner
Through our own global service network, we offer service for vacuum pumps, vacuum systems, compressors and blowers using Genuine Spare Parts from Busch. Our philosophy is to look beyond the single vacuum pump or compressor to the supply of vacuum or overpressure to guarantee the highest possible degree of system availability.

We focus on vacuum supply and ensure that our customers are not exposed to any risks resulting from unauthorised part failures by checking that all system components are on the same level of service and by carrying out essential maintenance work in a synchronised way.

Busch generally offers you service options for all vacuum pumps, blowers and compressors on the market.

Busch Service Across All Industries
If service needs to be synchronised with production or general maintenance schedules or needs special certifications, for example, in the case of offshore maintenance or handling of toxic contaminated equipment, Busch can supply the right service at the right time throughout the world.

Always Accessible
Do you manufacture in multiple shift patterns, in different time zones and want the security of knowing that you can reach Busch around the clock? No problem. Upon request, we guarantee 24-hour service technician availability, seven days a week.



Demand the Service You Need

As your vacuum and overpressure supplier, it is our mission to provide you with seamless service regarding all your needs. This includes advice on how to prevent interruptions in your processes
as well as the quick and reliable elimination of any defects. If a telephone consultation doesn't solve the problem we will analyse or repair your vacuum pump, compressor or blower either on-site or at one of our service centers.

To minimise downtime in these situations, we always have a suitable replacement unit available for you – wherever you are in the world. Preventative maintenance is, however, key to a smooth production flow. That's why we offer you maintenance solutions that are specifically tailored to your operational requirements. We develop the scope and the content of our work together with you.

Benefit from Our Expertise and Experience
Thanks to our network of Busch service centres, we can rely on the expertise that comes from having installed thousands of vacuum pumps, vacuum systems, blowers and compressors. Busch service technicians service all vacuum and overpressure systems on the market by receiving regular training on new systems and applications. We maintain our own global support group to analyse service issues in various applications and to define Busch service standards and training around the world.


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