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Leaks in vacuum systems can cause considerable damage in sensitive industrial processes. Vacuum pumps may fail or require more frequent service. The output quality can suffer, and losses in energy efficiency can occur. As a result, energy costs and overall operating costs increase drastically.

Our TAPIR leak detectors have been specially designed to avoid all these problems. They can locate and quantify leaks precisely. Thus, improving the output quality, efficiency and reliability of the entire process. In almost every industry. From automotive to oil and gas.

There are different ways to detect leakage with our TAPIR. The so-called spray test, that is suitable for components under vacuum. And the sniffing leak detection for components under pressure. The means of detection is the tracer gas helium or hydrogen.

Both test methods are easy to perform and deliver accurate results. Making TAPIR the perfect complement for your vacuum process.

Operating principle

Spray test (components under vacuum)
The so-called spray test is the ideal test method for components under vacuum. This measurement principle has the highest sensitivity of all available methods. Helium or hydrogen is sprayed onto the outer surface of the test object. In case of a leakage, the incoming molecules are drawn in by the integrated turbomolecular vacuum pump of TAPIR together with its backing pump. They finally end up inside an analyzer cell. This cell detects the tracer gas atoms.

Sniffing leak detection (components under pressure)
The sniffing leak detection is the perfect method for components under pressure. A test object is pressurized with helium or hydrogen. A sniffer probe, which is connected to our TAPIR, is then slowly and systematically guided over the object. In the event of a leak, escaping tracer gas atoms are detected. And the leak can be localized precisely.

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