Fisheries Department Visits Busch Norway as Part of Focus on Innovative Companies

Representatives of the Norwegian Department of Fisheries and Aquaculture visited the Busch Norway site on 25 October 2016 to discover at first-hand how overpressure and vacuum solutions are used in the fish farming industry. Busch is a leading provider of vacuum and overpressure for all applications in fish farming, processing and packaging.

The visit to Busch Norway by eight representatives of the Department (part of the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Fisheries) was within the framework of a focus on innovative companies in Norway's fish farming industry. Fish farming is the country's second-largest industry (after oil and gas) and in 2015 generated export revenue of NOK 50 billion (EUR 5.5 billion).

In the course of the visit, the representatives gained insights into the role played by innovative vacuum and overpressure technology in the industry throughout the entire value chain. This ranges from aeration of breeding tanks through to the transfer to hatching trays (which also involves a cleaning process), and subsequent transfer of smolt (small salmon) to increasingly larger tanks as they develop and grow. Once the fish – predominantly salmon – reach a size suitable for harvest, vacuum and overpressure is also used to process and package the finished product.

The trend in Norwegian fish farming today is towards incorporating all processes under one roof in large-scale facilities. Transport applications are shifting increasingly to the forefront. Important throughout the transfer and transport process is that it runs smoothly, without interruption, and that the live fish are subjected to as little stress as possible. Therefore it is important for the well-being of the fish and end-product quality that vacuum and overpressure generators operate with a high degree of reliability.

Several Norwegian companies active in one or more segments of fish farming industry were visited by the Department, which has been conducting fact-finding tours of this kind since 2010.

Products provided by Busch for fish farming applications include the Tyr rotary lobe blowers, which generates overpressure (especially for the aeration of deeper tanks) and vacuum (for example, in machines used for slaughter). Samos side channel blowers are commonly used in the industry for aeration of shallower tanks, whereas the R 5 series of rotary vane vacuum pumps, with over 2.5 million in operation worldwide, is a highly reliable and efficient solution for vacuum packaging. Both Tyr and Samos are frequently used for transport and conveying applications in fish farming and processing.

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