Busch Clean Air Successfully Exhibits Solutions for e-Mobility at FC Expo 2018

Hiratsuka City, Japan Busch Clean Air, part of the Busch Group of companies, recently exhibited solutions for mobile hydrogen and fuel cell technology at FC Expo, which was held in Tokyo, Japan, on 28 February to 2 March 2018. Among the products we exhibited at this year’s FC Expo was the Mink MA 0018 A hydrogen recirculation blower.

The Mink MA 0018 A hydrogen recirculation blower is CAN capable, allowing fine speed regulation and the feedback of data relating to power supply and functional operating conditions. It operates with a high level of efficiency and low pressure fluctuation. Mink MA 0018 A claw compressors are used on fuel cell stacks as hydrogen recirculation blowers to increase efficiency by recirculating hydrogen that is unused following reaction with oxygen.

Hydrogen recirculation blowers optimize hydrogen use and therefore increase overall efficiency of a vehicle. Furthermore, they improve the environmental footprint due to the reduction in hydrogen released into the atmosphere, allowing manufacturers to meet regulatory demands. A number of OEMs are already integrating the Mink MA 0018 A into their vehicles and systems.

Organizers describe FC Expo as the world's largest trade show for hydrogen and fuel cell technology, with exhibitors showcasing technologies, components, materials, devices and finished fuel cells for hydrogen and fuel cell R&D and manufacturing.

Busch Clean Air was established in 2010 and is based in the Swiss town of Porrentruy. A prime focus of the company's current activities is to provide overpressure technologies for exhaust gas after-treatment and fuel cells. Presentation of solutions was held in conjunction with Nippon Busch K.K.(Busch Japan) and Busch Vacuum (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (Busch China).

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