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Frequency-controlled vacuum pumps

The perfect match for your process


A variable speed drive (VSD) is a digital controller that regulates the rotational speed of a motor. It enables the pumping speed of a vacuum pump to be adapted exactly to the actual requirements of your process. The result: significant energy savings.

Busch offers a wide range of vacuum pumps with integrated VSD. With our Retrofit Kits you can easily upgrade your existing vacuum pumps.

VSD is currently only available for IEC motors.


Changing vacuum demand

Vacuum demand often varies within production processes. Ideally, the vacuum supply should be synchronized with demand. With a variable speed drive, vacuum pumps can be automatically adjusted to match variations in vacuum demand precisely. Reacting to fluctuations in demand makes considerable energy savings possible.

Operating modes

In scenarios with changing process parameters, we recommend vacuum pumps that can be controlled on a demand-driven basis and that either guarantee a consistent pumping speed or constantly maintain the required vacuum level.

Speed control

For processes with constant vacuum demand, it is recommended to leave the vacuum pump running at constant speed.

Pressure control

For processes with changing vacuum demand over time, the pressure control mode is the ideal choice. In this case, the vacuum pump adjusts the rotational speed according to the required vacuum level. Once this vacuum level has been achieved, the vacuum pump continues to run at minimum speed, enabling it to respond to a sudden need for increased vacuum demand and leading to further energy savings.

Your benefits at a glance


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  • Up to 20 % more performance at 50 Hz (up to 60 Hz)
  • Energy savings due to adjustment of pumping speed to process requirements
  • Reduction of mechanical wear: longer service life
  • Improvement of working conditions due to lower noise level
  • Increased productivity thanks to flexible process regulation
  • VSD is currently available for IEC motors

Our Solutions

  • cobra_nx_0950_a_plus
    COBRA NX 0950 A PLUS

    The intelligent all-around solution for industrial vacuum applications.

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  • r5_ra_0840_a_plus
    R5 RA 0840 A PLUS

    The intelligent solution for your vacuum process.
    With variable speed drive.

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  • cobra_nx_0950_a_vsd
    COBRA NX 0950 A

    Dry screw vauum pumps.
    With variable speed drive.

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  • mink_mv_0500_b
    MINK MV 0500/0600 B

    Dry claw vacuum pumps.
    With variable speed drive.

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  • mink_mh_0018_a
    MINK MH 0018 A

    Dry claw vacuum pumps.
    With variable speed drive.

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  • mink_mv_0310_b
    MINK MV 0310 B

    Dry claw vacuum pumps.
    With variable speed drive.

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  • cobra_bc_0101_g
    COBRA BC 0101 G

    Dry screw vacuum pumps.
    With variable speed drive.

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  • mink_mv_0040_d
    MINK MV 0040–0080 D Synchro

    Dry claw vacuum pumps.
    With variable speed drive.

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  • mink_mb_0018_a
    MINK MB 0018 A

    Dry claw vacuum pumps.
    With variable speed drive.

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