Wagner Group GmbH Receives 2017 Innovation in Vacuum Busch Award

The 2017 “Innovation in Vacuum Busch Award” has been presented to the German company WAGNER Group GmbH. The WAGNER Group implements technical fire protection systems and has established itself internationally as an innovative solution and system provider. The Busch family presented the award to representatives from the WAGNER Group at a ceremony held in Maulburg, Germany, on 17 January 2018.
From left to right: Christoph Kuchenbecker, Torsten Wagner and Werner Wagner from Wagner Group GmbH, with Dr. Karl Busch, Ayhan Busch, Sami Busch and Kaya Busch

The Innovation in Vacuum Busch Award recognizes companies and individuals who have contributed vacuum technology innovations of particular value to mankind and the environment.

The WAGNER Group received the award for its OxyReduct® fire prevention system, which has been approved by the VdS, an independent German institution that develops safety concepts for industrial and commercial enterprises. Busch supported the WAGNER Group with vacuum and overpressure technology from the start during development of the OxyReduct® fire prevention system.

Traditional fire protection systems are passive, which means that they only react when a fire has already broken out. The OxyReduct® preventative oxygen reduction system acts before a fire occurs and thus actively ensures a very high degree of safety. Consequential damages that occur when putting out fires with water or other extinguishing agents like foam are prevented.

Find out more about the OxyReduct® preventative oxygen reduction system on the Innovation in Vacuum Busch Award website.

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