Update on our measures and services during the COVID-19 situation

Boisbriand, Quebec, Canada This is an update on our response to the COVID-19 health emergency.
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Dear Customers, colleagues and suppliers, 

In the context where several businesses deemed "non-essential" must temporarily cease their operations, we wish to confirm that Busch Canada remains in operation to support most of our customers, who are considered as "essential services" by the authorities.

Vacuum is a critical component in many different industries, and we will continue to provide the essential products, services, and support to medical, pharmaceutical, chemical, food, beverage and many other markets that need to stay in operation.

However, the health and safety of our employees remains our top priority and we are taking all necessary measures to comply with the public health directives, therefore participating in the collective effort to combat the spread of COVID-19. To this end, the following preventive measures are implemented in our offices and service centres located in Québec, Ontario and British Columbia.

  • All employees whose function allows it are working from home.
  • Disinfection stations and clear personal hygiene instructions are installed at strategically accessible locations in our facilities.
  • Physical and social distancing measures are continuously maintained in the facility to prevent the risk of transmission.
  • Access to our facilities is limited to the delivery and shipment of goods and to emergency service
  • Our management team provides daily updates on the situation.
  • We validate that our clients respect the directives in place before offering our services.

We would like to thank you for your patience during this difficult situation and we are committed to continuing to provide you with an update on our initiatives deployed to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic. Busch continues to take all necessary measures to minimize the risks of COVID-19 in our worldwide locations. Busch's management team is closely monitoring the state of this pandemic and its potential impact on the supply chain in the vacuum industry.

Do not hesitate to call or email us at: 1-800-363-6360 or info@busch.ca.

Thank you for your support and cooperation during this crisis.

Yours Sincerely,

Paul M. Wieser, P.Eng.
Busch Vacuum Technics Inc.

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