Busch India Presents Vacuum Solutions for Pharma Packaging at InnoPack Pharma Confex 2017

We at Busch Vacuum Pumps and Systems recently presented solutions for Pharma packaging at the 6th annual InnoPack Pharma Confex 2017, held in June 2017. At this year’s event we again took the opportunity to highlight our range of vacuum solutions in pharma packaging applications.

Our vacuum solutions cover a broad spectrum of applications in pharmaceuticals packaging, including blister packaging, sterile bottling, degassing, drying and desiccation, paper folding, carton handing, pick and place, and plastic injection moulding for injectables.

Our R 5 series of rotary vane vacuum pumps are a proven and reliable solution in thermal forming for blister packaging and widely used throughout the world. Every day over 2.5 million R 5 vacuum pumps worldwide provide dependable service under the harshest industrial conditions. Our new generation R 5 RD rotary vane vacuum pump has been perfectly optimized for fast packaging cycles in vacuum packaging machines, and allows energy savings of up to 20%.

In carton handling and pick and place applications, the Seco range provides a reliable and consistent vacuum level demanded in these applications. Furthermore, our Seco SD series is a perfect solution whenever overpressure is demanded in handling and packaging. Design features include hard-wearing and self-lubricating special graphite rotary vanes, a robust construction and lifetime-lubricated bearings. The compact dimensions of the pump allow installation to be carried out almost anywhere with ease, whilst the energy-efficient drive ensures economical operation.

The Mink series of dry claw vacuum pumps is an ideal solution for heavier carton handling applications. Mink claw vacuum pumps have been developed specifically for industrial applications in which constant vacuum, high pumping speed and completely oil-free compression are essential. Minks operate contact-free; neither oil nor operating fluids are required during compression. The contact-free technology of Mink claw vacuum pumps leads to reduced energy consumption, virtually maintenance free operation and a lower cost of ownership.

COBRA dry screw vacuum pumps are a product of choice for applications such as sterile bottling, distillation, evaporation and drying. Advantages of COBRA dry screw vacuum technology are a consistently high vacuum level, dry operation, which avoids potential contamination and therefore helps ensure the quality and integrity of the product, and a screw design with a high tolerance of particulates and liquids, allowing "clean in place" procedures.

For degassing before or during injection moulding in plastic moulding machines, our Dolphin LX liquid ring series of vacuum pumps are the product of choice in applications where the vapour content is high.

InnoPack Pharma is the premiere platform in India for pharmaceuticals packaging professionals to get together, network, exchange ideas and knowledge, and shape future alliances in the industry.

If you were unable to visit the trade show contact us directly to find out more about our solutions.

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